Mini Review: Barakamon


A young, professional calligraphy artist, Handa, who’s a bit of a perfectionist, is sent to temporarily live on a fishing island after punching a man who judged his work as too unoriginal. Surrounded by a friendly village community whose children reach out to him as their teacher, Handa begins a humorous yet touching journey to maturity on how he views his artwork and the people around him.


I absolutely adored Barakamon–I just finished it yesterday and am still so excited about it! It was hysterical, packed full with colorful characters and great dialogue. There were so many laugh out loud moments, I can’t even count them for you! Handa and the relationship he forms with a little girl name Naru was both amusing and touching as the 23-year-old slowly opened up to his new boisterous friend. The small village community felt warm and inviting–I didn’t want the anime to end because it meant having to leave the island and people who lived there.

The look inside the feverish mind of an artist who is struggling to find inspiration and originality for his work gave the comedy a thoughtful atmosphere. This is one of my new favorite shows and I really hope they make a second season! (Thanks for recommending this one, James!) (Pssst! Watch it here on YouTube!)



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  1. Kayla Delight says:

    Did you go through it fast? Is it a long season? This one seems cool!


    1. Jamie says:

      This one is 12 episodes and it is a fast watch! You’d like it a lot!! 😀


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