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Kuroko’s Basketball | Season 1, Episode 9 | Subtitled

Basketball is not my sport. Give me good old-fashioned baseball or even football anytime instead. Well…that’s how I used to feel. I’m only 9 episodes into the first season of Kuroko’s Basketball but it’s completely changed how I look at the sport. I’m completely invested in the team mates of Seirin’s high school basketball team and loving the challenges they’re coming up against. The way the anime is able to slow a game down so that I can actually understand the tactics and mindset of the players while their working towards the championship is fantastic. It’s almost like watching war tactics in play…AND I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH MORE.

hataraku maou-sama - the new war the devil king is waging in the new world

The Devil Is A Part-Timer! | Season 1, Episode 9 | Dubbed

I’m making slow progress through this one but it’s been quite good. Lord Satan and his loyal henchman land on earth, loosing their powers and causing them to settle down for a while–Lord Satan getting himself a job at a fast food restaurant while having to deal with his enemy, Hero Amelia. It’s quite an odd but fabulous comedy with great fantasy elements. Josh Grelle, who I adored as Kuranosuke in my favorite anime Princess Jellyfish, has so far been fantastic as Lord Satan. No surprise, though; I think I’ll be chasing after other anime with Grelle’s voice in it, just like I go after movies that host Chris Evans or Tom Hiddleston.


Welcome to the NHK | Episode 15 | Dubbed

First thing out of my mouth has gotta be about the fan service–because oh my gosh, haha! Anime is infamous for fan service, although I’ve not seen much of it until now (NHK, so far, has made Deadman Wonderland look tame!) However, this was recommended by my Sensei, so it’s no surprise that NHK is more than it’s fan service; it’s a humorous and intriguing character-driven story about socially withdrawn people (along with a fun look at the world of gaming and creating.) The lead male character, Satuo, is an extreme shut in and a bit of pervert–yet completely human and sympathetic. He painfully knows that he’s flawed, in a pitiful, sarcastic way that makes for some hysterical inner monologue! Satuo makes the show completely worth watching. I’m hooked and really looking forward to more!


Ouran High School Host Club | Episode 23 | Dubbed

This is probably one of the most popular anime I’ve seen around. Still away at it; it’s taken me forever because of different reasons that actually have nothing to do with the anime itself. I have three episodes left before finishing it. This anime is so strange yet absolutely hysterical. It was almost able to convert my anime-disliking sister. I will have to attempt some sort of review when I finish it. Overall, it’s been very enjoyable and amusing–and if Tamaki and Haruhi do not end up together at the end, I’ll be mad!



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