Currently Viewing: “Ongoing”


Gurure! Kokkuri-san | Episode 11 | Subtitled

Probably one of the funniest comedies I’ve ever seen. It’s a pure comedy where hysterical conflicts are constantly happening–and it’s delightful. The characters are all completely wacky, which makes for some great comedic moments; I’m often in stitches as I watch each new episode. This show is responsible for me being able to transition to watching certain anime with subtitles, too. This will be on my highly recommended list when I make one and I’m really sad that it’s ending this next Sunday.


Your Lie In April | Episode 10 | Subtitled

I’m really looking forward to this show wrapping up so I can write a huge review for and babble on how beautiful it is! I’ve seen quite a bit of controversy over it, too, so I hope to discuss that as well. But for now, it’s one of the most gorgeously animated shows I’ve ever seen hands down and it’s about a piano prodigy! The music is amazing and the characters as empathetic and engaging, the back story is tragic and it’s just so….actually, I better stop here or I will go on forever.


Parasyte | Episode 11 | Subtitled

Gosh, this show is intense in a fantastic way! After one of the many aliens appearing on earth fails to reach his brain, Shinichi finds that one, Migi, has instead taken up residence in his right hand; the two begin their struggle over the other’s presence and difference in nature. Not only is this anime’s action sequences and plot twists extremely enjoyable, but the cast of the characters is fantastic. Shinichi is the embodiment of humanity’s want to do right, while the parasyte Migi is cold and emotionless, creating a great reflection on what makes people human. Even Shinichi’s parents and school friends are well-developed and properly used to the story’s advantage. I’ve been unable to predict the show’s direction, so combined, this has so far been a five-star experience!


Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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