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Kotoura-san | Episode 5 | Subtitled

I’ve been really enjoying this one. The first episode gave the tragic back story of our born-with-mind-reading-powers, Kotoura, and then we follow her as she slowly makes friends who embrace her for who she is. It’s actually an enjoyable romantic-comedy/drama, with a fun variety of characters who are so cute. I wouldn’t say it’s super amazing or anything, but so far it’s been really sweet, fun, touching and cute.


When They Cry | Episode 5 | Subtitled

I just started this one. Let me say right off the bat: don’t let the screenshot fool you–this is a psychological horror anime (which is a genre I love!) There’s not much for me to say about it yet…it’s cute one moment and then creepy/scary the next; the rather grim opening song has me concerned for what’s going to happen next! My Sensei assures me that it’s very good, so I’m definitely planning to stick with it to the end.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | Episode 6 | Dubbed

Even though I’ve barely gotten started, considering there are 52 episodes, I can still easily see why this is one of the most popular anime to date. The mixture of comedy, adventure, and heart-tugging tragedy is making for a great ride! So far, I like Edward and Alphonse a lot and I can’t wait to see where their story goes. I need to be watching this show faster than I am, though, as Netflix is about to remove it. 😦


 Sword Art Online | Episode 6 | Dubbed

I started watching this for two reasons: A) it’s ridiculously popular and I want to know what all the hype’s about—B) as a non-gamer about to write a gaming/virtual reality novel, I need to ‘research’/see what’s been done/get inspired (I want to start Log Horizon and No Game No Life for the same reasons.) So far, Sword Art Online has been good but not amazing. I like the game world the characters are living in but I’ve yet to care about the main protagonist (uh-oh.) I’m hoping to like it more as it continues, though, as it has potential.


Kuroko’s Basketball | Season 1, Episode 20 | Subtitled

 The only show I’m still watching from my last “Currently Viewing” post (which means I really need to scribble out some reviews!) Anyway, back to Kuroko’s Basketball: how dare it be so good. I’m nearly finished with the first season and GAH, THE LOVE I FEEL IS INTENSE. These characters are amazing, the animation is still fantastic, and the plot keeps going, “pow! Didn’t see that coming, did ya? What about this?! Pow!” I could go on forever, so I’ll stop here by saying this show climbs the ranks of my favorite anime with each new episode I watch!


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  1. A. Sinclair says:

    Hey there, it’s Everyone’s Favorite Composer! I’ve been quietly keeping up with your main blog here and there and this one has me pretty excited. After watching Avatar: The Last Airbender a year ago, I found myself getting sucked into anime as well. My favorite is Nichijou (I was 4 episodes from the end when the website I was watching it on took it down. Stupid website…) and I’m always looking for good recommendations. I also went to my first convention last weekend! Anyway, so excited to read your reviews!


    1. Jamie says:

      OH MY GOSH! I’m so excited to hear from you, this has made my night!!! I’m so glad to hear you still read my blogs!!! AND YOU LOVE ANIME! AH! 😀 😀 😀 Totally going to look up Nichijou now! Conventions, eeek!!!! Those are the BEST, I’m so glad you got to go to one!!

      I’m so glad you found this blog! Thanks for commenting!! ❤



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