Mini Review: The Devil Is a Part-Timer!


The Devil is a Part-Timer! 

Action | Comedy | Fantasy | Shonen

2013 | 13 Episodes | PG-13

When Devil Sadao’s attempt to take over Ente Isle is thwarted by Hero Amelia, he lands on Earth with his second-in-command, both promptly loose their powers and warrior size. The two seek out normal living quarters and Sadao finds a run-of-the-mill job at a burger joint–and enjoys it too much! Hero Amelia follows them to earth, and they all bump heads in frustration together, while making friends with co-workers and attempting to embrace modern life in Japan.


I enjoyed The Devil is a Part-Time! quite a lot. It was unique–the devil loves working at a McRonalds?!–and I had a good time watching it! The fish-out-of-water element was really fun to see, as King Sadao quickly adapted to modern-day Tokyo, while his second-in-command continued to speak and act in dramatic ‘normal’ fashion. The comedic dialogue throughout the entire show was excellent and plot moved enough to keep my interest. On top of it all, there was even a cute romantic side plot!

The show managed to give the characters proper depth by the end, which made me care for them greatly by the 13th episode! So I say, well done!


I viewed this with the English dub, and was so happy to hear Josh Grelle’s voice acting again, as I loved him in Princess Jellyfish. He played Sadao wonderfully! Really, the entire English dub was great. The animation was clean and crisp, as well. Fan service was not that bed either, which was nice. Overall, it was a unique story, full of great comedy, interesting fantasy elements, and a fun variety of characters! (If you have Netflix, it is currently available for streaming!)

I hope they make a second season; I would totally watch it!

Final Rating:

Star Value: 4.5/5 Re-Watchability: High | Definition: Fast Food Goodness!



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  1. Love Princess Jellyfish so I agree it was great to hear Josh Grelle again in this. 🙂 I really liked this series with my favourite character being Chiho. She was so sweet 🙂


    1. Jamie says:

      Hooray, I’ve finally met another Princess Jellyfish fan! ❤ Aw, yes, I like Chiho too! I hope "Devil" gets another season, I want to see more of all the characters! 😀


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