My Favorite Openings of 2014

I didn’t see that many anime of 2014, so it’s not like I’m personally choosing from a super wide selection. However, these four are all so fantastic that I need to make this post anyway. They each give a great representation of what their anime was/is like! (These are ranked by personal favorite, not best.)

Runner Up: Barakamon. Even now, just listening to this song, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. This show was simply amazing; it was so funny and heartwarming; it gave me a real longing to live in a rural small village where things are simpler and the people are closer. I love the song in this opening and all the calligraphy and ink!

Third Place: Parasyte: This show is phenomenal; it breaks the rules, goes beyond expectations, and delivers thrills every time. The opening is perfect for it, too; this is one of the few places where I’ve found heavy metal screaming completely appropriate. The montages in the opening are perfect as well. (The funny thing is that the show’s actual soundtrack has some of the most soft and beautiful music ever!)

Second Place: Your Lie In April. (note: Only the audio is available for viewing) The show just replaced this with the second opening, which I’m rather bitter about because this song. is. perfection. The animation moves FLAWLESSLY with the music and it’s SO vividly beautiful! It’s just gorgeous! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. (I almost gave this one first place!)

First Place: Gurure! Kokkuri-san. I still don’t know what they’re saying in the first half, but it doesn’t matter; by the time we get to disco floor, I’m always dancing with them, as literally as I can from my desk chair. Although all the openings above are amazing, this is my favorite because the first time I heard it, I was completely sold, heart and soul. I know what I was about to watch was going to be gold. Plus, its chorus is easier to sing along with! While many people wouldn’t consider this the best of 2014, it’s still my favorite!



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kayla Delight says:

    LOL! I like knowing what your top choice is about! XD


    1. Jamie says:

      LOL yeah! I’m so glad you started Kokkuri-san! ❤


  2. Kayla Delight says:

    Your Lie In April says it’s blocked in our country… haha.

    I like the Barakamon one! I like the way the black haired guys’ hair moves in the wind too XD haha!!!


    1. Jamie says:

      Darn, they got to it; it used to work. XD

      Yes, isn’t that a good one?! 😀


  3. mouzaaln says:

    Kokkuri-san is the best! Lol. Catchy op that was. One of favs too!


    1. Jamie says:

      Lol, isn’t it memorable!? It just sticks in the noodle! Thanks for the comment! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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