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The Winter Season of 2015 has begun–my first one!–and my watch list of new, ongoing anime shows has doubled, especially compared to the three shows I kept up in the Fall Season of 2014. Besides the brand new, I’m still consistently watching Your Lie in April and Parasyte. I’ve even picked up Yona of the Dawn, but I won’t be including it in today’s post. So, let’s get started, and see the new additions to my “Ongoing” series!

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom | Episode 2

“An alien demands to teach a classroom a year before he plans to destroy earth; the government gives the students the job of assassinating the seemingly indestructible alien before it’s too late.”

This show is so odd that I feel like keeping up with it, just to see how it ends. The premise sounds serious, but it’s attempting to be a comedy… and the opening feels so silly. I also started off on the wrong foot, as I couldn’t tell that the main character was a boy till the first episode was half over, lol. I hold further judgement till I get further into the show, at least till after the third episode. For now, I’m going to tolerate it.


Death Parade | Episode 2

I watched this without seeing Death Billiards, so all the plot reveals completely floored me! I honestly don’t want to say anything about it because spoilers will ruin it but it’s basically a “fight for your life in a mysterious, posh bar, with bar games” except that it’s way more than that. I love psychological shows like this, when a character’s motivations and psychic are examined, so I’ll be completely involved in this show. I also LOVE the atmosphere: the animation is exquisite. To me, this the must-watch of the Winter season.

kg1.23Gourmet Girls Grafitti | Episode 2

“When her second cousin comes to stay with her to cram for school, Ryo finds happiness in cooking again.”

At first I thought I’d be watching this only for the food, but it’s actually really sweet and it has sweet characters. I’ve loved cooking since I was young; I grew up watching cooking shows; and I love eating. So I connected with this one surprisingly well. The show is described as featuring “erotic” eating, and while some shots were oddly placed, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, the food looks SO DANG GOOD. Anime food looks like comfort food, even if I’ve never tasted it before. I can’t wait to see more of this one!


The Rolling Girls | Episode 2

“In the future where Japan has been split into separate nations, a group of “mediators” ride their motorcycles from place to place to mediate fights.”

I think this show is going to be amazing–it’s still setting its self up, so I’m can’t build much of an opinion yet. However, it has clearly depicted such things as: A) BEAUTY. B) COLORS. C) FUN. So far, it’s avoided potentially annoying plot routes and has maintained a engaging spirit. Obviously, I like the animation a lot and I think it’s going to be a fun, light romp full of action, comedy, and color! It’s a must watch for me!

[simply-caps] Binan Koukou EP1 (330)

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! | Episode 2

“A strange wombat-like alien lumps together five unlikely high school boys to form the “Earth Defense Club” to defend the world and restore love; but dark forces seem close at hand.”

This. Show. Is. Genius. Instead of magical high school girls, it’s magical high school guys; it’s so ridiculous (and self-aware) that it works amazingly well! I still need to see the third episode, but I know it’s going to be gold. The first two episodes were excellent and hysterical; there’s something so cheesy about it that makes its weirdly fun! Besides, watching guys spewing out dramatic lines and then wondering what’s happened to them is the best fun! XD


Your Lie In April | Episode 13

As amazing as ever; Kosei, the main character, has undergone some amazing development at this point and I’ve enjoyed how the show’s revealed more about his mother. Since I’m pretty far into this show, and I don’t want to spoil anything by mistake, I’ll won’t say too much more– other than I’m going to keep watching this show, even if it kills me. It’s too beautiful not too (also I’m attached to the characters, so there’s no going back.)


Parasyte | Episode 14

I haven’t seen the recent episode yet (I would have and this post would have been up sooner if I hadn’t had computer problems,) but as far as I’ve seen, Parasyte remains as strong as ever. There was an interesting hint about the alien Migi that was dropped and I hope to see it continued. I still ship Izumi and his girl friend as hard as ever but their relationship seems in great peril at the moment, which has me quite nervous. The animation and plot have both maintained quality. Simply put, Parasyte is still a fantastic must-see!

I hope my computer problems remain minimal (better yet, go away completely) so I can get back to my anime schedule, blogging, and other things! (A big thank you to my Sensei in anime, for helping me figure out what shows I should give my time!)



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  1. Do you recommend following Assassination Classroom to other anime fans?


    1. Jamie says:

      Honestly, I would want to see the third episode before making that judgement; a lot of people seem to enjoy it more than me, though, so I would say it’s worth trying! 🙂



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