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Parasyte 9

While my computer is being fixed (and I lost all the anime screen caps I was using for blog posts,) I’m going to try to get back into my anime blogging! I have a spare laptop I’ll make work till my other computer is fixed.

I’m going to return with another soundtrack post: let’s listen to Parasyte, because I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack recently (the show still hasn’t let me down either!) The mixture of techno, electric, and piano is awesomely different and makes for one of my all time favorites!

Bliss: This my pet favorite–my pet favorites usually contrast with the rest of the soundtrack and I’m not sure why that is, lol! I love the sweet melody, especially at the beginning. I really want to learn how to play it on the piano; it gives me such warm feelings for Izumi and Murano. ❤

My Name Is Migi: Love. this. track. The electronic noises combined with the melody makes for a very alien but intriguing sound at the same time–you can’t stop listening to it. Much like the alien Migi himself; he’s very foreign yet very interesting to examine.

Next to You: Once again, I really like the piano–the piano is used quite often throughout the Parasyte soundtrack and it provides the perfect emotional balance to the fun and insane techno music. This balance in music is what helps make Parasyte so wonderful–it’s full of action and thrills but it’s yet to loose connection with the emotions of the characters and the emotions of viewers.

Hypnotic: Last one, another techno one. For a minute, it gradually builds till suddenly the most fun tune kicks in! There’s even a few moments of chorus, like at the beginning and near the end! I love relistening to this one.

Honestly, the entire Parasyte soundtrack is just fantastic, so I’m going to leave the playlist below so you can listen to it yourself. Other favorites of mine include Luna, I Am, Cream Soda, and Justice. What’s your favorite track from Parasyte The Maxim? If you’re watching it, what are your thoughts on the show?



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