Ongoing || Mid- Winter Season


Assassination Classroom | Episode 7

I’m just not in love… but I can’t stop watching either. The show seems to be playing with me; just as I get ready to say “okay, I could drop this now,” the very next episode will reel me back again. The show has gone through this cycle since the beginning for me personally and I’m getting a little tired of it. Part of the problem might lie with the fact that it doesn’t feel that genuine. The show works too hard to make the “alien teacher is to be assassinated by a classroom of misfits” seem legit. If only it would embrace its wacky-ness head on…


Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! | Episode 8

I want this show to last forever; I’ve yet to be bored of the ridiculous-ness! I love the all male cast and their friendships, their cheesy enemy, the hysterical self-aware jokes, the cuddles, and the catchphrases spoken in poor English! It’s simply not gotten old! I enjoy the silliness (and how subtly retro is looks and feels!) but I also love the heart that shines through by the end of each episode. If I could tag along with the magical boys right this second, I would! “Battle Lovers!” XD


Death Parade | Episode 8

This is still my favorite anime of The Winter Season. The world of Death Parade is so enticing to me; the dark color palettes, the shadows, the hair styles, the games, the inner soul, the dark humor and the characters. Each new character we meet is dynamic and intriguing in some fashion. I would not complain at all if the show became repetitive with its games and brand new characters.. (I’m completely expecting a second season from this show; if I don’t get one, I’ll be devastated.)


Gourmet Girl Graffiti | Episode 7

This. Show. Completes. Me. I don’t care if it has no plot and is just a couple of girl friends making food every episode; that is what I need in my life right now! There is something so comforting about the friendship and good food; the animation makes my mouth water every time. Ryou and Kirin doing something or go somewhere different each week so I’ve yet to get bored. They feel like my friends, too, especially when they break the fourth wall as they give their cooking instructions. 🙂


Maria The Virgin Witch  | Episode 6

I’m “unofficially” dropping Maria; it’s not interesting enough for me to keep going with it as I have other shows that are both better and needing to finish (still haven’t finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!) While the animation is wonderful and Maria is likable (and yes, the last few episodes were an improvement from the beginning) it feels like a job to keep up with it, and not a fun past time. I’m might finish it some other time or pick it back up later, but for now I can drop it without crying.


Saekano | Episode 7

I love any type of entertainment that’s about creating entertainment–I’m a creative writer, after all. Here in Saekano, a desperate otaku blogger has acquired help from professionally creative upperclassman from his school ( who are all girls) to help make his dating Sims game a reality. The show’s meta humor is my favorite part, as it picks at its self and its genre. The humor definitely keeps the show fun and worth watching, since echhi is not an anime genre I care to visit (thankfully fan service is nearly non-existent here, so that’s nice.) I have my quibbles, but nothing worth mentioning until I review the complete season. Overall, I’m quite enjoying this one.


Rolling Girls | Episode 8

I would be more excited about this one if it’s plot was more clear. For all its fun character designs and exciting moments and gorgeous color, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. STILL! At episode 8! The show is beautifully animated with wonderful colors, sweet characters, and awesome motorcycles, but the lack of plot completely hurts the overall effect of the show which makes me sad to say (I’m left thinking, “where is this going; I don’t understand why”.) While I’m not dropping the show, I’m slowly getting quite detached from it. 😦


Yatterman Night | Episode 7

Oh, this beautiful, fun, touching show. If you’re not watching this, please rethink that decision. Once it got going (at episode 4), it’s completely worth watching. At first it was little hard getting into as it couldn’t decide between being serious or being a kid-show; but once you get comfortable with the style, it’s a completely wonderful story. There’s your classic rebel hero going up against a great evil empire, only our rebel is a naïve but brave little girl and our evil empire is full of hopping minions yelling “Yatterman!”–and there’s always a robot battle at the end! It reminds of my comic books, which makes me really happy. 🙂



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