The Circumstances of My Home’s Tub || A Review

orenchi no Furo jijo

Orenchi no Furo Jijuo, or The Circumstances of My Home’s Tub, is a thirteen episode anime, each episode about four minutes long from start to finish. It’s cute, sweet, and very amusing, too!

Orenchi no Furo Jijuo

Comedy | Fantasy | Shojou

Fall 2014 | 13 Episodes | PG-13

A high schooler named Tatsumi has his bathtub occupied by a blonde haired merman called Wakasa. Tatsumi mistook the washed up merman to be a fellow human who’d collapsed on the river bank, and brought him home before realizing his mistake. Wakasa so loved the bathtub that Tatsumi allowed him to stay.

And so, Wakasa’s friends pop in and out, Tatsumi deals with water bills, and each occurring episode is short, sweet, and very enjoyable. Oh, and the Rubber Duck likes to narrate during the credits at the end. XD


It took me longer to get through this series, all fault my own. Each episode is so short you could watch the entire season in about an hour, if you wanted to. I wish I could have returned to this show faster. I loved the animation and how it went from realistic looking character designs to the chibi style to emphasis the comedy and cuteness aspects. ❤


It is important to note for beginners, who might not be familiar with Japanese traditions that is communal bathing, aka bathing together, that you understand that is a very old tradition in Japan. While I believe it’s not so common these days in the home, attending public bath houses is not foreign (women bath with women and men bath with men.)

So, when Tatsumi and Wakasa end up sharing the bath together, while Tatsumi might be uncomfortable, it’s not because sharing a tub is necessarily foreign–it’s because he’s sharing it in his private home with a merman. For beginners, it good to understand this so that a common situation is not misread as a creepy one simply because of a cultural difference.  Honestly, once I understood this, it didn’t feel that weird at all.

circumstances 2

I’ve honestly never seen mermen used like this before for a show…really, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a merman used ever. Mermaids, sure, but not mermen. So, I greatly enjoyed this fantasy element. Wakasa’s visiting friends were also part oceanic creatures, so it was fun to see them too. I really liked Takasu, the half octopus man! I liked his red hair. 😀

I liked Wakasa and Tatsumi; both were great lead characters who made a fun duo. Between Wakasa’s selfishness and then regret of selfishness and Tatsumi’s attempt to make his visitor comfortable without too much expense or bother, the two created some fun comedy!


Also I’m in loving with the opening because it was the complete opposite of the show; black and white, loud, urgent, emotionally intense. Compared to the lighthearted and cute show, it doesn’t fit…but it works just fine too.

Since the show is so short, there’s not much more I want to say. Really, this is an ideal short show for anime beginners who are just starting out if you are understanding about the bath situation (Tatsumi and Wakasa don’t even spend much time in the bath together anyway). There’s great humor, the characters are unique and enjoyable, the chibi designs are so hard to resist, and the episodes are incredibly short!


Personally, I found the show absolutely adorable. When I found time for it, I relished the short episodes and the cute characters. I really wish it had been longer. I’m searching for the manga online as I write this. XD

 Final Rating:

Star Value: 4/5 | Re-Watchabiliity: High | Definition: Short and Sweet


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