Nearly Finished: Parayste and Your Lie In April

Two of my favorite ongoing shows are wrapping up this month. I’m both dreading and looking forward to their endings; I hope to see good conclusions for two wonderful stories! I wanted to talk about these two outside of my “Currently Viewing” series, so here we are! (I’ll definitely be reviewing them in full when they end).

0xfhCIsParasyte – The Maxim | Episode 21

I’ve been enthralled by this horror thriller of an anime the past few months so I can’t wait to see how it ends. Izumi has been a fantastic hero/symbol of humanity to follow each week; he’s been put through the wringer, so I’m kinda hoping he gets a happy ending. I’m very curious to see what will happen to Migi, the parasyte in his right arm. Will they be stuck together forever, or will something happen?! So far, the show has been completely satisfying, so I and Sensei are in neck-deep suspense hoping that it will end strong!



Your Lie in April | Episode 20

I’ve really enjoyed this show and I’m so sad to see it ending. Pianist Kousei has come so far since the beginning episode and the plot has gone in a direction I didn’t expect when I started it. There are a lot of things “April” needs to wrap up in just a couple episodes, so I’m curious to see how it goes down. I really hope it’s not rushed or forced. For everything being so beautiful, I hope it’s ending doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth.


Here’s to two great anime who’ve been in my life for nearly five months! You and Gugure! Kokkuri-san will always be special for being the first anime I’ve kept up with week to week! I love you so much. ❤

Signing off as a huge sentimental sap,


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