Oh sweet little Kotoura-San. I enjoyed this anime; it wasn’t amazing, but I enjoyed it all the same. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to finish it.


Romantic Comedy | Drama | SupernaturalShojou

2013 | 13 Episodes | PG-13

Kotoura-san was born with the ability to read/see inside minds. As a little girl she accidentally spoke what she saw, turning her classmates against her and causing her mother to abandon her with her grandfather. Confused, traumatized, and alone, Kotoura-san becomes used to having no friends…until she attends a new school and a typical yet sweet boy named Manabe-kun strikes up a friendship with her. At the same school another girl, who’s interested in the ESP, enlists Kotoura-san in her small ESP club…and the anime begins.

horriblesubs-kotoura-san-01-480p-mkv_snapshot_09-07_2013-01-10_20-07-31The first episode of this show is heartbreaking-ly tragic and then heartwarming-ly endearing; probably one of the best first episodes of any anime ever. It depicts Kotoura-san’s rejection and abandonment and then a discovered hope in possible new friends. For the first four episodes or so, the story introduced the cast of characters and covered the drama of Kotoura-san settling into her new school, with certain characters getting used to her presence and ability.

These episodes were full of drama, which I didn’t mind, but it is something to be aware of if you don’t like a lot of drama.


However, for the rest of the show, Kotoura-san experiences fun things that one does with a group of friends and the start of a budding romance. It was really sweet, if a bit slow at times. The show definitely changed gear from drama-focused to comedy-focused at that point, which I liked. 

Seeing an abused character at last having a normal life is really neat and rewarding, at least to me, so the earlier drama was worth it!


What drew me to the show (besides it being on Netflix) was the mind reading element. Not only was it used for drama but also for comedy, mostly with Kotoura-san’s new friend Manabe-kun.

Manabe-kun is a bit clueless but very endearing. I really, really liked Manabe-kun because he was funny and straight forward and really caring. He saw people for who they are at their core. He was also a typical boy and his mental, erotic fantasies of Kotoura-san did get him in trouble because she could see them! In many ways it was quite funny and definitely a realistic point that would happen if you could mind read.

1357940737182I found Kotoura-san a very sweet character; she seemed like a very innocent girl, for all her struggles. While I think some might complain about how much of a victim she behaved, I’m felt sympathetic to her, since I spent much of my teen life in a very unhealthy home environment which left me a victim too. It takes time for people to recover from intense emotional abuse, so I connected with Kotoura-san in that regard.

I also thought she was just a really cute, sweet anime character. I love the shade of orange that her hair is, too!

kotoura-san-episode-10-mifune-muroto_Fotor_CollageThe other characters were all okay. Nobody was especially memorable but I enjoyed seeing them all interact together and pull Kotoura-san into their arms.

On a technical level, everything was fine to me. I liked the character designs and the music and the artwork. Nothing special, but nothing bad either. XD I love the OP, with the little chibi versions of everyone; plus it was just a really sweet, chirpy song!


The show did have some problems. Outside of the mind reading elements, it wasn’t anything super interesting. We’ve all seen this story before at least a few times, so it’s nothing original. Same with the characters; I’m still not super familiar with overused school anime tropes, but I’m sure they were there. Overall, if it doesn’t capture your sympathy or interest, you probably won’t find this anime that memorable; unless you’re looking for a sweet romantic-comedy with a supernatural twist.

There was some fanservice too, but since most of it made me laugh it didn’t bother me all that much. However, Kotoura-san’s grandfather, who was a recurring character, was a pervert, which weirded me out a tad.

tumblr_mgfm4htC3w1qzqnxxo1_500I enjoyed “Kotoura-san” a lot. There was some fun comedy and some interesting resolution by the end, so I certainly don’t regret watching this one. My favorite characters would be Kotoura-san and Manabe-kun. They were really cute together and complimented each other well.

On top of it all, I really liked seeing Kotoura-san being loved and accepted for who she was by Manabe-kun, after she’d been rejected for so long.


So, in the end, while it wasn’t amazing or anything, it was enjoyable, sweet, funny, and touching. The first episode is one of the strongest first episodes I’ve ever seen, perfectly setting up Kotoura-san’s tragic back story. As a romantic comedy, the show is adorable and endearing, with a mind-reader’s twist.

Final Rating:

Star Value: 3/5 | Re-Watchabiliity: Medium | Definition: Ask Kotoura-san What I’m Thinking


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