Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!


Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! was absolutely ridiculous, but that’s why it worked. I had the great pleasure of getting to watch this week to week and I’ll definitely be rewatching it in the future! The magical girl genre is the perfect place to have an opposite sex parody and the results are ABSOLUTE gold!

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Comedy | Magic | Parody | Slice-of-Life | Bishounen

Winter 2015 | 12 Episodes | PG-13

One day at a local bathhouse, an wombat-like alien drops into the bath, in front of chums En and Atsushi, asking for their powers, before getting chased by the childish blond Yumoto. The next day, the three of them meet with their other “Do-Nothing” club members–money-loving Io and girl-infatuated-but-never-seen-with Ryuu–at their expensive school Binan. Wombat appears again to all of them, gave them bracelets and charges them the job to protect Earth.

Before they know it, they’re dramatically transforming into Battle Lovers outfits and faced with a monster on the school grounds–this starts to happen quite frequently! By the end of the day, they always end up at Yumoto’s family bathhouse! But who’s keeps creating these monsters and just how close are they to The High Earth Defense Club?


This is one of the best parodies I’ve ever seen. The self-aware dialogue of the characters was almost always giggle-inducing. I looked forward to my Tuesdays because I knew the magical boys would brighten my day right away!

Honestly, if the cast had been all girls, this show would have been a bore. The unusual male cast totally made this show work the way it did, as they would elevate your standard plot lines to a different angle. After they’d dramatically transform into their element-themed outfits, quoting their names in poor English, they’d then comment on how stupid they looked or felt–and it was hysterical!


With each episode, you can count these things happening: a brand new quirky monster for the Defense Club to take down with love, and at least two bath scenes. XD Although at one point they went to the beach for vacation and that was hysterical. Most of the stories are episodic, with the last two being one whole story. I liked the dependability of the episodes–and it never got boring!

I’ve seen a lot of people discuss how they expected more from the animation, but it’s style simply made me think of older animation, kinda retro, which was fine since this is a parody of an old anime genre. There were lots of colors, which I loved! The acting was good too; I enjoyed the Japanese voice actors quite a bit, in fact!


The characters are very fun; it’s an all male cast so there’s zero female fan service, which is awesome. I enjoyed all the characters but my favorites were lazy En and his blue haired buddy Atsushi. Yumoto was also a highlight because he acted like a second grader with his childlike faith and love for animal cuddles.

Overall, this was simple, ridiculous fun! I thought the show was quite smart and the twist ending was unexpected! I absolutely loved this show and its absurb-ness, which is why I’ve given it it’s high score, since I haven’t fallen in love with a show so fast in a while. 😀


Final Rating:

Star Value: 5/5 | Re-Watchabiliity: HighDefinition: A “Magical “Parody!


*screen caps courtesy to AngryAnimeBitches


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