Favorite Winter 2015 Openings


Before the Spring Season gets into full swing, I need to rank my favorite openings and endings of Winter 2015. What were your favorites? I’m ranking them from a combination of music and animation, along with how much love or excitement the opening got from me for the show while it ran during those first moments. So, let’s do this!

Runner Up: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! I enjoyed this opening quite a bit; it was one I looked forward to each week, which is why it’s runner up on this list.

Third Place: Gourmet Girl Graffiti. I was in love with this anime, so I loved the opening too. I love the Alice in Wonderland-Dream opening with the life-sized food! The song is also very pleasant to listen to. This version is sped up just a tad, but it sounds close enough to the real thing. XD

Second Place: Yatterman Night. I actually didn’t like this one right away. But it grew on me over the passing weeks and now it’s my second favorite of the season! I love how it showcases Leopard almost exclusively, because she was a great main character! Plus this song is fun to listen to; really gets me hyped to see some good heartfelt action!

First Place: Death Parade. This shouldn’t be a surprise. It doesn’t fit the anime at all but that doesn’t matter because¬†dang it’s a flipping strong, fun opening. I love the animated montage and dance sequences so much–I cannot understate how much I love the animated sequences in this opening! I want to madly dance in fancy clothes to this every time I hear it. I would not be surprised if this opening remains my favorite of the year! It’s been stuck in my head for several months. XD



Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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