Favorite Winter 2015 Endings


It’s time to rank my favorite endings from the Winter Season of 2015: What were your favorites? I’m ranking them from a combination of the music and animation, along with how much satisfaction/completion the ending gave me as the episodes rolled to an end. If I could sit through them, then they were good! So, let’s do this!

Runner Up: Your Lie in April. This ending song is sad and calming all at the same time, with poor Kaori resting in an ocean staring at the fading sky. For being so simple, it’s a pretty heavy-handed, foreshadowing heavy ending depicted in the animation–I really like the song itself, though. The singer’s voice is just very pretty. (Ft. only music above.)

Third Place: Death Parade. The opening features the mannequins that hold such a large place in the world of Death Parade. The song is heart wrenching and angsty, which is very fitting for the end of Death Parade’s episodes. The eerie images of the crumbling mannequins are almost beautiful, in a creepy way. A decent ending for a great anime.

Second Place: Saekano. I still need to find the words to discuss Saekano, but for now, I’ll keep it to the ending. Not only do I really enjoy the ending’s presentation with the girls in poses with flower backgrounds but I also really like the song! It’s such a pleasant melody that I was always happy to sit through at the end of each episode. It’s one I would find myself humming later, too. (ft. only music above.)

First Place: Gourmet Girl Graffiti. (I could not find a good version of the song, so above is a piece from the OST.) So Graffiti made both lists of favorite openings and endings. I just adored this show, so when the latest episode was ending, I had a hard time feeling sad because I loved the ending song. The life-sized food is just so fun! I also ALWAYS loved hearing this melody that played after it during the next episode’s preview! See that below.

I could listen to this on repeat forever. 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fantastic list! Of the ones you listed, Death Parade and Saekano are my favorite.

    Graffiti’s ED was a lot of fun as well, and of course Kimi no Uso is so sad.



    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you! Yes, those are really good! Saekano’s ED has been stuck in my head for the past couple days. XD

      *sniffles over Kimi no Uso ED* 😛



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