Ongoing || Spring 2015 Impressions: Part 1


 Sound! Euphonium | Episode 1

“Beginning her first year in high school, Kumiko struggles with her decision to join the high school concert band–as they sound awful–but it’s there that she recognizes a former female school mate.”

This is at the top of my must-watch list. Going from the first episode, this story appears refreshingly true to life. The lead girl Kumiko is one of the most realistic high school characters I’ve ever seen: She’s contemplative without angst and upbeat without needing a bold personality.  The animation and character designs are GORGEOUS. I especially love the girls’ short hair, it’s more relatable than the long flawless hair styles most anime girls sport. As an interesting note, I’ve pictured brass as rather masculine instruments for some reason, so to see that stereotype shattered by cute girls naturally playing them is great! I don’t see stories about girls with a huge brass horns everywhere I look in the entertainment industry. XD I’m looking forward to this anime the most based off the first episode.

Screenshot (444)Blood Blockade Battlefront | Episode 2

“Sometime ago, a breach between the netherworlds and New York was opened up and the creatures which joined the humans all become trapped within the city, from where they attempt to coexist.”

While the first episode didn’t completely grab my attention, the second one did. Big time. I’m so excited to see more of this show. I love how realized this wacky version of New York is. The mixture of aliens, monsters, and normal humans, reminded me of one of the underworlds in Star Wars! The cast of characters are great, with a memorable detail to each of their designs which give them some realism. The animation is amazing, the adventure is edge-of-your-seat; it’s just so fun to stare at! I especially adore the atmosphere, as it’s a mixture of sci-fi urban fantasy with a sprinkling of sensational Great Gatsby glamour–probably getting that from the jazzy music! God, that second episode has me hyped for the rest of the season!


 My Love Story!! | Episode 1

“Gouda is the farthest thing from attractive but he has an adorable heart of gold. Each school year his insensitive childhood friend breaks the hearts of his crushes, and Gouda thinks this year won’t be any different…except the girl he’d rescued is very obviously interested in him instead!”

I’m a huge fan of the animation studio Madhouse, so I’m incredibly excited about this show. While it has some beautiful visuals, the real star of this show is Gouda’s lead role as an ugly duckling. He’s a lovable and a very fun lead but he never gets the girl. My Love Story!!’s first episode breaks, or accentuates for effect, the standards of anime romance to deliver a unique version of the start of a love triangle, blending some wonderful comedy into it as well. I can only go from the first episode, but as long as they avoid the dangers of the love triangle, this will the fan favorite of the season! I know I’m going to love it because that first episode was adorable!

mgk1.5Mikagura School Suite | Episode 1

“Eruna can barely pause her dating sim games to pick a high school to attend. After picking one and strangely passing the entrance tests, she realizes that to be comfortably housed, she’ll have to join a club and participate in the club wars. That is if she can stop playfully flirting with every girl she sees!”

This one startled me. I had no idea I would enjoy it so freaking much! Such perfect comedy! Such a delightful female lead character! Such an intriguing magical school! But seriously, I adore the female lead, she’s confident, flawed, spunky, well-meaning…she’s just a hands down fun character to watch! Her girl crushes are especially hysterical and adorable. The school she’s attending should be engaging to watch with the magical club wars. I’m hoping for an enjoyable cast of characters, based on how fun Eruna’s cousin was to watch. I hope the next episode continues the high-spirited fun!


Plastic Memories | Episode 2

“As a new employee at the company that produces and manages androids with human emotions, Tsukasa is paired with an adorable but clumsy robot, Isla, in the Terminal department, where they recover androids right before their expiration date from their human owners.”

That first episode was a punch in the gut. I was near the edge of tears by the credits! The second episode, though not as poignant, helped familiarize us with the secondary characters better, so I say we’re off to a strong start! I’m all for stories about humans and androids connecting on a personal level, as that relationship aspect is really intriguing to watch. So far the show is nailing all the emotional aspects wonderfully. It’s also quite manages to be amusing at the same time. One of my favorite parts of this anime is the animation styling and coloring as well. The characters are bright, sharp, and very clean-looking, as well as the backgrounds and settings! Plastic Memories gets two thumbs up from me!

Screenshot (255)

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches | Episode 1

“Problem student Ryu Yamada falls down level of stairs on top of his complete opposite, the honor student Shiraishi–and when he wakes up he discovers they’ve switched bodies! Oh, how the shenanigans–and surprising insight at another person’s life–quickly ensue!”

This was hysterical. It also went in a direction I wasn’t expecting, as a non-manga reader, so I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it yet. Yamada-kun’s antics as he pretends to be a girl, while wondering how the body switching had happened, was incredibly entertaining. Besides all the comedy, I though this first episode had a great dimension of a male seeing a little of life from a female’s point of view. I’m excited to see where the story goes from where it left off! (This also might have the best opening of the Spring Season–well, maybe tied with Blood Blockade Battlefront. XD)

So far, these are my top six shows of Spring! In Part 2 I’ll cover my next six favorites!



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