Ongoing || Spring Impressions: Part 2

Part 1: Top Six Impressions
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Food Wars | Episode 3

“A middle school student with a drive to cook is sent away to the most élite cooking school, where it’s nearly impossible to get in and the graduation rate in only 10 percent. However, it seems that being raised in a diner has given him an advantage, as he has an intimate knowledge of cooking techniques, taste, and presentation.”

This show is the like the shounen echhi hybrid of last season’s Gourmet Girl Graffiti. We have a high-paced, spicy action show with a young cooking genius whose food sends the skeptical eaters into a foodgasm…literally. While it’s can be on the border of hentai, the fanservice in Food Wars does thankfully serve a purpose and I can put up with it when it aids the story instead of detracting from it. (I am happy to note that the reactions in episode 3, although no less powerful, were less crass! Horray!) The entire show is just one big BANG right in your face, too ridiculous an idea to not enjoy and the animation too gorgeous to not watch. I love a good cooking anime and since the past three episodes have been ridiculously fun, I’m giving it a thumbs up!

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan | Episode 2

“Prince Arslan is the exact opposite of his war king father, but he wants to do the best he can despite his lacking. He determines to do his best in his maiden battle, but he soon finds his kingdom at dooms door.”

I didn’t know anything about this going into it, so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself pulled into the setting and story during the first episode. It was the second episode that really got me hyped though. The pre-battles scenes had a distinct, chilly mood that really reeled me in. I like Arslan a lot, as he’s a nice mixture of naïvety and wanting to fill the wide boots of future king. While the first episode had some brief moments of eye-gouging-terrible 3D animation, the second episode’s animation was less noticeable when it came to flaws. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Arslan…oh, and the stoic warrior Daryum, too.

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Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? | Episode 3

“In the world of dungeons and monsters and the city above, gods and goddesses support adventurers in a bond called Familia. Bell and his goddess Hestia are a tiny Familia, but they are striving to become stronger with each other’s help.”

While the second episode didn’t match the first episode to me, the third was definitely the strongest and most powerful. I’m very excited to see where this show ends up going. The main characters Bell and Hestia are so adorable–Bell has a pure heart, wishes to protect Hestia, and be worthy of The Sword Princess’s attention. Hestia, already a fan favorite, believes in Bell, loves him, and wishes to help him become a better adventurer. While we haven’t seen much of the dungeon labyrinth yet, I’m hoping the characters’ story will soon be led back in and we can see more monster fighting! Overall this has been a great start!

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I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying Season 2 | Episode 3

“In season 2, we get more shorts full of comedy between an oddly mismatched yet lovable married couple–an otaku and his slightly older, rather confused, non-otaku wife.”

So far the second season is proving to be better than the first! The comedy has been sharp and solid, with some fantastic references! It blends well with the 3 minute shorts, so the show is very fast, fun, and easy to watch. So far, the comedy has dropped it’s crass nature of the last season, which is great! 🙂 I love watching these main characters! They’re not a happily-ever-after story or the-perfectly-matched couple…but that’s what makes them adorable and even a tad realistic. I can’t wait to see more of this show. As long as the creepy little brother remains at minimum, I’d say this second season is promising to be great!

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Ultimate Otaku Teacher | 2

“Even though he’s a young genius, Kagami has become a shut-in, absorbed in running his anime blog. Out of concern, his sister gets him a job as a teacher at her academy. He doesn’t seem like a good fit, but Kagami Sensei does have wisdom to share with his students. If only he could Yearn to Do it.

I’m really enjoying this show, as the second episode was quite solid. Kagami Sensei is lots of fun to watch. I don’t know how other people feel, but I’ve really enjoyed his character. This show is already doing what I’ve wanted Assassination Classroom for half a season: FOCUS. ON. THE STUDENTS. To me, the relationship aspect between teacher and student is more superior here in “Ultimate”. The area lacking is the animation. The style looks rather dated, which will put off certain viewers. To me there is an aesthetic quirk that I can’t pin down but still find enjoyable to look at. It’s certainly not a pain to watch. I hope the show keeps up the good comedy and inspiring endings, because I’m enjoying it too much to see it fail.

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Seraph of the End | 2

This synopsis mildly spoils the first episode. “A strange virus sweeps the world, and a family of orphans, along with many others, are captured by vampires to be fed on. When an escape goes wrong, a single child slips the vampire’s clutches and is rescued back into humanity. Except he wants to go back and defeat them all.”

I feel a little bad for everyone who dropped this show after the first episode. The second episode showed more promise, explained several things that felt silly from the beginning, and gave us an opening that teases a return of a certain character. Basically, this show has potential. I’m honestly looking forward to what happens next. It’s great to have vampires in the antagonistic role of a story again. Yuichiro reminds me of Eren from Attack on Titan, driven to revenge family and fight the monsters that inhabit his world. While I hesitate to pronounce anything out of fear of a jinx, I hope this show stays enjoyable and engaging to watch for the rest of the spring season.

This finishes my top twelve shows of the Spring Season! In Part 3 I’ll discuss the shows that are left.



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