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Today I’m putting my soundtrack post form to good use by installing my first weekly post series; yes, I need a whole day to focus on some of my favorite original soundtracks from the anime world. There is so much wonderful music to touch on, so once a week will be a good way to do so!

Today I’m sharing several of my favorite tracks from the currently airing shounen show, Assassination Classroom. This anime has played me since the beginning, as it goes from hot to cold with a mixture of very good and pretty meh episodes. However, the music is fantastic! So very diverse in the styles and the instruments you can hear through out! Let’s start with my favorite, track 8!

Track 8: Haritsume Ta Kuuki: This is the track I can mostly cleanly recognize from the show. Many of the other tracks below I have a hard time placing (which is fine by me.) This is my favorite track because it so cleanly delivers two emotions: a growing apprehension followed by a unsure yet steady hope. Then it ends back on apprehension. The emotion strongly effects me, which is why it’s my very favorite

Track 16: Nakama No Tame Ni: The high paced nature of this track really sticks in my head. The steady beat with the unsteady rhythm of the hand claps makes for a coursing action melody. But then the strings come in a savory, sad, nearly wailing tone. All together it just makes a great piece of driving emotion.

Track 10: O Iroke Dai Sakusen: Jazz. I couldn’t place this track for a while, until I realized it is in no doubt in connection with the sexy young foreign assassin, Bitch Sensei. The music fits her perfectly, with the brooding, sultry saxophone and then the brief bit of xylophone which has a teasing playfulness that reminds me of a detective diddly. I’ve heard a lot of jazz in anime recently, but this has to be my current favorite track hands down.

Track 04: Yukai Na Ansatsu Keikaku: This song is too fun not to share. In comparison to the three of tracks, it really shows this OST’s ability to utilize many different instruments and genres to communicate emotions and mental visuals. There’s a piano, bass, claps, different types of drums, and all sorts of horns. The rhythm is lively, upbeat and incredibly fun to listen too!

Here is the full soundtrack; other tracks I quite adore are tracks 5, 17, 19, 20, 24 and 26. What’s your favorite track?



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  1. I love this series but hate the opening song. I’m glad you posted these songs. I enjoyed them much more than I expected.


    1. Jamie says:

      I couldn’t stand the opening song either but everyone I knew loved it! I’m so glad I’m not alone!!! YAY, I’m glad you enjoyed the music! I think the show under-uses it, because I didn’t register any of the songs until after listening to them on their own. 🙂

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    2. So good to not be alone – lol. 🙂 And I’m with you, they don’t utilize music nearly enough…

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  2. pravinos says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could let me know what the piece of music is called that is played in the first 10 or so seconds of Season 2 Episode 41. Episode title is Outer Space time. It just sounds almost like a old video game sound with a electric vibe. I Love it, any ideas as to where I can find the full song?


    1. Jamie says:

      Hi! Absolutely, thank you so much for asking. What you’re hearing is a track from the Assassination Classroom original soundtrack; Track 18 titled Electric Kaigi! I would search youtube for this, but if that fails to bring up results, check vimeo too. I can sometimes find anime openings on viemo that youtube has taken down. Itunes might have the soundtrack as well. I hope this helps!

      EDIT: i found it for you LOL. Hope you can get it before youtube removes it.


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