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Re-Kan! | Episode 3

She can see ghosts and talk to animals without batting an eye. Hibiki Amami likes to help those left in our world, despite the comedy that might come along with it all, and thankfully only one of her friends has a problem with the whole spirit thing.

This show is too adorable…but it’s also more than just adorable. There were several unique elements that make this supernatural moe show feel fresh; our main character is not bullied for her gift of the sixth sense nor does she try to hide her abilities. She interacts with spirits in and out of school, like they’re normal people, and she doesn’t seem to care if other people notice. Amami-san’s friends in her class are also very relaxed about the whole thing, except for her blonde friend, who freaks out if she thinks a spirit is around–which produces some wonderful comedy. These elements keep the show enjoyable to watch because it’s something I’ve yet to see!

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Punch Line | Episode 2

Yuta Iridatsu has the strange ability to destroy the earth if he sees panties. His body being currently possessed, he must deal with this power while in ghost form. Within his apartment he watches the private lives of the women around him while building his ghost powers, video game style, with the help of a very perverted ghost cat.

This is such a “WTF?” show…but somehow in a good way? There’s a magical girl called Strange Juice who fights with a straw. The boy destroys earth if he gets overly excited and has to reset time. There’s a creepy perverted ghost cat. There are video game elements that are really cool. Fanservice is an intricate piece of the plot…which I see as both a negative and plus. I’ve never seen a story about body possession from the perspective of the kicked-out spirit, so that’s cool. This show is such a mixed bag for me. In the end, I found that it was a very entertaining show that offered more than just fanservice. I’m not quite sure what to expect but I do know I really enjoyed it once I gave it a honest try. We’ll see what happens next.

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Rainy Cocoa | Episode 3 | To Be Stalled

Tv shorts following a group of bishounen guys who work or visit a cozy café.

Rainy Cocoa is cute and the premise is simple. However these shorts feel so short…I barely get into the groove and it’s over. Which is sad because the setting and characters would be fun enough to follow in 20 minute episodes. The animation is decent and all. I’m almost left thinking I might be better off marathoning it all at the end of the season just to get more enjoyment out of it.

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Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation | Episode 3 | Could Drop

Don’t care enough to recap the synopsis for you.

Gunslinger Stratos is on the verge of being dropped by me–which is sad, because the first episode really caught my attention. This show has a great premise with some really amazing story elements, like characters fighting alternative versions of themselves, and time travel. Sadly, the execution and writing is pretty poor. The animation is very plain and basic. The intriguing story ideas are butchered by poor writing and weak characters. Overall, if this had better development, art, and direction, this could be really cool. But it’s not. I’m giving it one more episode to decide if I’m going to drop it or not.

Houkago-no-Pleiades-Ep-1-Img-0023Houkago no Pleiades | Episode 2 | Dropped

I thought I might grow to like this one. It’s about really cute magical girls; come on, Jamie! However, while the first episode was very pretty, it wasn’t all that memorable. The second episode I didn’t even finish as I got bored;  I just didn’t care enough to try. So, sadly, I’ve dropped Pleiades. Maybe it will pull together, maybe it won’t; personally for me, I’m already watching so many other shows this season that I need to drop the poorer ones to make room in my schedule for non-ongoing shows (like Free!, Nagi No Asukara, and My Teen Romantic Comedy.) So, goodbye Pleiades. I wanted to like you but you decided to be forgettable. 😦

I’m behind on Kyoukai no Rinne, so I’ll leave that impression out until I can catch up.

So this wraps up my first impressions of the 2015 spring season! There are so many good shows though; the few duds I’ve mentioned today are microscopic in comparison to all the other solid, fun shows I get to watch this spring! I’m so excited to see what happens next! ❤


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