Attack on Titan OST | Tuesday Tunes


A week or so ago, I finished Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin. While I had a few bones to pick with the plot, it was overall an amazing adventure worth it’s hype. I fell in love with a few pieces of music from the soundtrack, so those are the ones I wish to highlight this Tuesday!

E.M.A: This is the song that drove me to find the soundtrack online. I love the drums and strings anxiousness and the brass’s steadiness and the vocals. The vocals! The vocals make me want to go move mountains or cross rivers or fight titans. The second half of this track is also quite good, with some more electric sounding instruments and tone.

Aramy Attack (Mikasa): This reminds me of the ost for the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film, but much better. The music sounds erratic screeches of the violin, the fast, rhythmic drums, the oriental flairs that rise, and the soft female vocals. I actually can’t place this piece to the anime in my head, but that doesn’t matter because this is a really epic, involving bit of music.

Eren’s Berserk Theme: I really like the chimes in this track. It’s makes the uneasy, anxious score more dimensional than it otherwise would. The bits of modern drum also add an interesting sound. I have less to say about this piece because it’s just a really neat piece to listen to. I might play this when writing a chase and search scene in a novel.

Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon: I have to include the opening. The opening is strongly linked to the soundtrack for me that I just have to include it. This is probably one of the most solid openings of any anime I’ve ever seen. Ever. The animation not only communicates the emotions of the show but works perfectly with the song. The song truly communicates and captures the desperateness, horror, and drive for heroism within the human’s titan filled reality. Altogether it really captures the show’s spirit!

And that is this week’s soundtrack highlight. Got any recommendations? I’m all ears! XD



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