Currently Watching || Late March

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Attack on Titan | FINISHED

I purposefully put off watching Attack on Titan for a long time. I’d seen the first episode and it was amazing but I wanted my foundation of anime-viewing to NOT be the most mainstream show ever. That probably makes me sound annoying. XD Well, Attack on Titan was entertaining, thrilling, and incredibly engaging. It’s not the best anime I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely not overrated by a long shot. I am glad I put it off, though. Armin is probably my favorite character, though Sasha, Hanje, and Jean are very close in running for best characters too. I will attempt a review for this at some point since this is a very popular show.


Madoka Magica | FINISHED

I watched this the week I had my crown lengthening done right before 2015 Spring started up. It was quite good, especially once a big twist was revealed near the end–it was worth the slower pace. I’m still enjoying the soundtrack, too. The English dub was quite good; it’s been a while since I’ve seen an anime with a dub. The visuals were involving to watch, as they went between soft features for character designs to eccentric, paper-looking animation for the evil spirits. The dark story was handled just right too, which is always a bonus. I must attempt a review for this one too.


Tonari no Seki-Kun | FINISHED

I just finished this one; I was watching it with my younger brother and we both absolutely loved it! The comedy was refreshingly simple and the characters really pulled you into their mischief/mischief observing. My brother actually connected well with the girl, who was constantly distracted, engaged, and/or appalled at the things Seki-kun would do to kill time in class. My brother is eight so I would say a lot of kids could enjoy this without an English dub! I highly recommend this show since the episodes are only seven minutes long and were incredibly funny and clean!

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Nagi no Asuka | Episode 4/24

I want to be watching this faster than I am. Right now I have a huge fascination for all things water/underwater/sea life, so a story about people who live in the sea is completely enthralling to me. The animation for this story is breathtaking; the eyes of these characters are like glassy pools of water themselves and everything is pure eye candy! Although our lead character is a bit bossy, most of the characters are enjoyable, sweet people with compelling perspectives on social statuses. The topic of prejudice has already been touched on in these four episodes and I’m looking forward to seeing where the show takes it!

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Free! — Iwatobi Swim Club | Episode 7/12

If I read one more review declaring this is nothing more than a platform for male fanservice I shall smack someone in the face. Free!  has fun characters with great friendships (they also have the quirk of having girly names,) a coherent story line, excellent humor, and high quality animation. Any guy complaining about the male “objectification” of this show has no right to turn around and enjoy female fanserivce (ripped abs barely compare to the sexual presentation of anime women and their bouncing boobies and skimpy battle suits.) You can’t have it both ways, guys! Personally, I’ve really enjoyed this show. And yes, the guys being absolutely adorable are a complete plus. And yes, I can say that because I’m okay with female fanservice when it aids story (and it can!)

So these are what I’ve watched/am watching when I can find time between all the amazing 2015 Spring shows right now! What are you currently watching?



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  1. daziigirl says:

    Nagi No Asukara and Free! are definitely two of my favorite animes so far! *-*
    So, since this is the first post I’m reading on your blog, I don’t know if you have watched Death Parade yet – if not, I highly recommend it to you – best anime of 2015 so far \*__*/


    1. Jamie says:

      yes, Nagi no Asuka and Free! are wonderful!!

      YES I watched Death Parade over the winter season AND IT WAS SO GOOD! I’m so glad you’re recommending it to people!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Attack on Titan, Madoka Magica, and Free! are all such great shows! I’m happy you watched them!!


    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you! They definitely were great, I’m so glad I made time for them! I can’t wait to see the rest of Free! and Free! Eternal Summer too! 😀


      Liked by 1 person

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