Blog Updates


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This past weekend I updated three of my blog’s pages!

On Master List, I changed my header’s image to the boys from Free! looking up into the night sky at a million stars. I often think of stars and stories in connection, and since I like my pages’ images to coincide with the content, this seemed like the perfect fit. I hope my master list will one day be filled with too many wonderful shows and movies that I’ve seen!

I changed the page title Links to Elsewhere and completely reformatted and rewrote the page. Each link to one of my online profiles comes with an explanation as to how anime ties into it and what you can expect from it if you follow. I’d highly suggest visiting Elsewhere now if you haven’t already. I’d love to be friends on Tumblr or Google+! (I also changed the image to the bar in Death Parade, because in the story that was a big jump from one place…to another! XD)

Finally I added a new page entitled Blogroll. I now feature my favorite anime blogs on a page instead of on the sidebar, which just feels cleaner and a more direct way to acknowledge and share love in the anime blogging community for me (if you’d like to trade blog URLs, I’m definitely game!) The image I used is from the end credits of Kekkai Sensen, which pictures friends sitting around drinking and having a nice time! Nothing says community like that!

Until Tuesday Tunes, have a nice Sunday and Monday from me!



Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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