Anime Intrigue Podcast || Parts 1 and 2

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Instead of Tuesday Tunes, I’m sharing a podcast featuring me! James the Reviewer and I have been good friends for several years, and I can completely blame him for getting me hooked on anime. XD He runs the anime website Anime Intrigue which is one of my favorite anime sites. Recently he asked me to co-host an anime podcast with him where we discuss our impressions and thoughts of the ongoing anime season. Of course I was completely game!

Below is our First Impressions podcast split into two parts, where we give summaries of the ongoing shows and our initial thoughts. In future podcasts, we will refer to these or Anichart if you would like plot summaries of the shows we discuss.

Part 1

Part 2:

The cool thing about James and I is that we can bring different types of thoughts to the table of discussion. James is really good at pointing out a show’s technicalities, imagery, or plot structure, while I’m more geared towards how the plot elements and characters made me feel or react on a big picture standpoint. I think we make a good team! I’m looking forward to our future podcasts, as we’ll get more experienced with practice.

Later in the week I’ll share our latest podcast (still in the works) where we discuss the anime with more of an edge to what the latest episode delivered.

For alternative places to listen, click here and here to listen on or click here and right click to save to your computer here and here.

Thanks for listening!



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  1. This was a lot of fun to record! 🙂 We basically discuss anime every week anyway, so recording it makes sense. XD



    1. Jamie says:

      I know, right?! 😛 We’ve improved a lot already, too! It’s fun to put our TV watching to good use!



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