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Today premieres my very second anime blog post series, A Weekend Flick: On one weekend day, an anime movie gets the spotlight! I’ve wanted to do this post series since the blog’s beginning, so I’m excited to put the idea in action! In honor of Mother’s Day, the first entry in this series will be one of the greatest stories of motherhood: Wolf Children by Mamoru Hosoda.


Wolf Children was one of very first anime films I ever saw. Its impact was very positive on me, as it demonstrated the power of anime storytelling and its ability to capture the human spirit, one woman’s in particular.

Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki

Slice-of-Life | Fantasy | Coming of Age

2012 | 117 minutes | PG-13

Hana meets and falls in love with a werewolf while in college, and the two form a loving family in which she has two half-werewolves, a spunky little girl, Yuki (the narrator of our story,) and a sickly boy, Ame. When tragedy falls, Hana decides to flee alone with her children to the countryside to keep her children’s secret safe from social workers and disturbed city neighbors. Hours from the nearest town, she begins the hard work of building a home, raising food, finding a safe community, and entering the kids in school…without their secret slipping out.


The thing about moms is that it can be hard to truly understand their struggles and perspectives until you either: a) actually become a mom, or b) are shown in such a way that you can relate to what she feels, thinks, and how she is motivated. What I loved about Wolf Children was how Hana was incredibly relatable; she seemed a very real person and not just “a mom.” The story might be titled Wolf Children, but really, this is Hana’s story.

Hana was accessible as both a woman and a character because she wasn’t very different from me at the movie’s beginning. She was a college kid who fell in love, bore tragedy, and gave up her schooling to fully protect her werewolf children. I could truly understand and empathize with her sacrifices, terror, and confusion over raising her shape-shifting children alone. Few mothers in few other stories have truly made me love and feel for them as much as I did for Hana. She was purely human, terribly sweet, and truly pure spirit.


The movie itself is pure magic.

The rest of the characters are endearing and incredibly believable. Yes, a story about werewolves has never felt so real. The children were terribly adorable and full of personality. Yuki, the girl, was a rainbow of emotion and a little mischievous sunbeam. Little Ame was timid, often ill, and struggled with being between his two forms. The supporting cast was enjoyable and dimensional as well. The English dub for this film was wonderful; everyone’s voices meshed well with the story and the characters. They were pleasant to listen to, too.



Everything else was incredibly top-notch. The soundtrack was incredibly moving, especially when it was linked with our dear characters and the amazingly beautiful animation. Oh yes, the animation was breathtaking. The character designs were so adorable, and the Japanese countryside and humongous country house were so beautifully yielded on-screen. The amount of detail to everything was just stunning. I literally wanted to move to the countryside when I finished the film. The animation alone is reason enough to give this film a viewing!

Wolf Children takes place over thirteen years, so we really get to see this family as they live in joy and pain together. Yuki beautifully narrates her youth and touchingly tells her mother’s story, which is very fitting. Hana is an inspiring female character and a true symbol of motherhood and womanhood. To me, this is the perfect Mother’s Day film.


Our mothers might not be raising werewolf children, but they can certainly give abundantly and struggle with their own battles. Heavens, we know we probably gave them hell. I myself was a bit like Yuki, full of energy, making messes, and incredibly vocal. I’m sure I wore my mom out. So, thank you, Mom, for all you did and still do for me. You’re my own Hana. Someday, I hope I can be a Hana too.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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  1. Jamie says:

    Reblogged this on Through Two Blue Eyes and commented:

    Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, a survivor and fighter. I don’t need to say much here, I wrote a personal card already XD. So for you readers today, I’m sharing my thoughts on today’s anime movie Wolf Children, which is the most perfect Mother’s Day movie. I don’t share too much of my anime content over here, but this movie is so special and beautiful (and sad!) that I definitely want to make sure everyone has a chance to hear about it! Really, do yourself a favor. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love this film also. It is very sad though so I have to be in the right mood to watch it 🙂


    1. Jamie says:

      It was so sad! But so warm! ❤ I'm glad someone else has seen it!! 😀


      Liked by 1 person

  3. I wish I thought of reviewing this on Mother’s Day. I have a rough draft sitting around from when I first watched it. XD But this is just about perfect. I love this movie.


    1. Jamie says:

      Lol! I half stole the idea myself and made it my own XD You should definitely finish your review so people can read it…I have a feeling this one is a little under-appreciated. Thank you so much for recommending this, it was so good! 😀



  4. Great movie, great review! That gif is so cute BTW


    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you very much! Yes, it’s such a good movie, I’m really glad you’ve seen it! 😀


      Liked by 1 person

  5. Marina says:

    I really need to get around to watching this! I see it frequently on Blu-ray, but am always hesitant to pick it up. But given your review, I think there’s no doubt I’ll love it.


    1. Jamie says:

      YES! Don’t wait a minute longer, you’ll love it!! I bet it would look stunning on Blu-ray, too! I’d love to hear your thoughts once you see it, too! 😀 ❤


      Liked by 1 person

  6. ladyelasa says:

    Love this movie! I want to show this to my mom. I’m determined to get her to like some anime lol. Hana is so inspiring!



    1. Jamie says:

      Aw, yes this would be the perfect movie to show your movie! Best mom movie ever! ❤ I'm so glad you watched this!!


  7. ramyunbowl says:

    Oh! One of my friends mentioned this film to me a couple of weeks ago and then she showed this amv (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcJ80cd0gG4) to me and I was so enraptured. Though I’m a little hesitant to watch it haha.


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