Madoka Magica || Tuesday Tunes


Puella Magi Madoka Magica was a startling dark 12 episode magical girl show with a really cool twist at the end; most anime fans have seen this classic, and few forget it. I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite tracks from the original soundtrack for today Tuesday Tunes!

While I was listening to the ost, some of the songs seemed to blend together, so I picked out tracks with tones all different from each other so this wouldn’t be a bore. XD

Track 03: This is my pet favorite, the one a little different from the rest of the score. I absolutely love the Celtic tone. The recorder’s melody is very captivating and rather catchy; it sticks in my head quite often. It’s balanced by the steady strumming of the guitar in the background, a very nice counter beat.  This piece is seems simple but it’s tune is intricate and luring. It’s easily my favorite track!

Mami Toema’s Transformation Theme: Overall, this show used a great blend between epic melodies and electronic instruments. This is such an example. We have the gorgeous female vocals, which are complete voices of hope and peace. The building orchestral tones of greatness are wonderfully incorporated with the swift pace of the drums and electric guitar. The soft flute adds a nice touch too, reminiscing the celtic feel of the above song. This the perfect magical transformation music ever.

Kyuubey’s Theme: This piece has a much more tragic sound to it than the last two, which truly delivers one of the strongest emotions from the series. I love the sound of the violin and harp together. This being the theme of a magical creature from another world, the tone is very open and otherworldly, in a mild sense, which I really like.

Have you seen Puella Magi Madoka Magica? If so, was it what you expected? Who was your favorite magical girl? Is the movie Rebellion just as good (cause I haven’t seen it yet!)



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  1. Love these songs and the show, so thanks for posting! I have seen the movie, and for me, it finished developing a semi-hollowed out character from the first season. There are also a couple of great fights and of course amazing animation and more epic tunes!


    1. Jamie says:

      I’m so glad you like them! I made a good choice! Ooh, I’m glad the movie had somemore character development! I’ll definitely have to watch it sometime! Thanks for commenting!



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