Death Parade || Tuesday Tunes


After sweating a day of work into my awesome Death Parade review last week, I should now get a chance to relax by enjoying the soundtrack! So here today is a couple of my favorite pieces from the anime of death and games! (Listen to all the awesome, featured Tuesday Tunes music on a YouTube playlist here if you’d like to catch up with my series!)

Track 02 VS: You might remember from my review that I really enjoyed this soundtrack for its jazz, and this track has a nice amount of jazz seasoned throughout it. This track feels a little crazy but that makes it really fun to listen to. The violin at 56 second mark sounds great with the piano bass. I actually really love all the piano work in this song; I play a little piano, but what I would give to play jazz like this up and down the scale! Overall this track is fast-paced, zany, and terribly fun to listen too!

Track 06 Gemu B: This track is less crazy but still deeply infused with some great chin-nodding jazz. Again, I love all the piano, I have some intense piano-playing-envy listening this piece. The saxophones are incredible and they interchange well with the piano when playing the melody. The drums are also plainly awesome. In short, this piece is just another example of sophisticated jazz and Death Parade’s atmosphere!

Track 08 Semarikuru Ketsumatsu: This track sounds very different from the last two but it’s easily one of my favorites from the OST. It’s darker and grittier, with a very foreboding presence and sound. The ringing soft guitar and violin are nice subtle touches at the beginning. The music box element half way in adds a deliciously creepy tone to the gradually climbing body of orchestral instruments as the track builds to an ending. It’s hard to explain why this one is so amazing except that it delivers a strong sense of dread, so give it a listen through to the ending!

Track 10 Moonlit Night: I have no words for this other than it’s terribly beautiful and soothing and sad and touching. If you’ve listened to all four of these tracks today, you can tell that Death Parade’s composer Yuuki Hayashi is amazing at communicating diverse genres and emotions to tell a single story. My hat is off to him!

And of course I must close out by sharing the already-classic, unforgettable opening sequence to Death Parade with the song “Flyers” by BRADIO because it’s an awesome song. The animation is choreographed perfectly to the singing–anyone who watches this will remember it! 🙂 I have to admit that I rewatched this for several weeks; ‘boom boom boom’ rang in my head no matter where I was or what I was doing; and cosplaying the dance between Black Hair and Decim is now on my bucket list. XD

What do you love best about Death Parade’s music?  Which track is your favorite? Has anime helped you embrace a love for jazz music? Were you also smitten by it’s incredibly catch OP song?



Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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