Ongoing || Spring 2015 Mid-Season: Part 1

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Ore Monogatari | Episode 7

Yep, it jumped over Blockade to first place on my spring list! It’s the cutest most exceptional piece of shoujo crap I’ve ever seen and it warms me to my toes. And when I mean crap I mean best shoujo show ever. Takeo and Yamato are flipping adorable together and they actually communicate. Takeo’s bro Suna is. the. man. The comedy is top-notch hysterical, the drama is both light and over the top for great effect, and the avoidance of clichés is so refreshing. But DANG IT, THESE PRECIOUS CHARACTERS. These high schoolers have stolen my heart by being so memorable and dimensional and touching: It’s been a long time since I’ve been so emotionally invested in a group of characters. Basically: Ore Monogatari: it’s the best show of the season.

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Blood Blockade Battlefront | Episode 7

Two words: Mind. Blowing. But beyond that, how does one describe Blockade…it’s so many things! It’s goofy. It’s dynamic. It’s in your face. It’s alien. It’s hamburgers. It’s superhumans… honestly, I was much more eloquent when I had only seen two episodes. XD I crave this show each week, wondering what brand new adventure Leonardo Watch and his pals will do next. Those characters are so memorable and kick*ass awesome… but also equally adorable?! It’s hard to explain. Meanwhile, the animation and presentation is still spectacular and colorful and unique. And the goofy humor combined with the gritty alien-meets-New York western-style setting is the last piece to make this show accessible to everyone and the instant classic that it is! Ore Monogatari is only able to beat this show because of a character development advantage. 🙂

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Food Wars | Episode 7

Food Wars has climbed up my list the past few weeks and it currently sits as my third most anticipated and enjoyed show of the season–I wait for good food and insane fun every week, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Even though a character (or several) seem to lose their clothes in each episode, the show’s strength lies in its focus on the competitive world of cooking. Food Wars knows what it’s talking about when it comes to ingredients, cooking techniques, presentation, and the how food works. As a dang good cook myself, I get a kick out of seeing realistic cooking put in such a over-dramatic but epicly awesome setting. I can’t wait to see our kick butt shounen lead throw-down with the school’s great cooks throughout the summer!

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 Sound! Euphonium | Episode 7

Even though Sound! Euphonium has dropped from first to fourth place on my list, I certainly don’t love it any less. In fact, the latest episode really gripped me by its honesty and sincerity. To me personally this is one of the very best of the season, almost lost behind all the other loud boisterous shows of the season. It has drop-dead gorgeous animation, a strong tone of realism, and very true-to-life characters who struggle with the same true-to-life problems that we face. The main cast of girls are especially endearing as we watch them maintain their instruments, witness the inward struggles of peer pressure in their senpais and themselves, and work to improve their band. The show touches me each week in very beautiful ways and it would still be number one of my list if the other three hadn’t decided to be out-of-this-world ridiculously awesome. 😛

Screenshot (7954)

Punch Line | Episode 7

Whaat?! Punch Line climbed my list from spot fourteen to five? The show about panties? Except that Punch Line is WAY MORE than what we all originally thought it would be! We’ve got a household of unique and intriguing female characters, time travel, death, a ghost who needs cinnamon to move things, super suits, beautiful animation, and a world needing saving from an asteroid. If you dropped Punch Line because it seemed a stupid one trick pony, well, I beg you to give it another shot. Here in its middle it’s gotten very enjoyable, very touching, and very engrossing! I can’t believe it’s in my top five shows of the season, but it’s because the show is more than silliness and it’s story is incredibly unique. I look forward to more each week, especially as the stakes rise!

Screenshot (8743)

The Heroic Legend of Arslan | Episode 7

I had Dungeon here for a while, but I decided that Arslan needs more love right now. I’ve not really heard anyone talk about Arslan, which is a shame; the slow pacing, after all, is needed to give this two cour show some depth! I adore Prince Arslan and his slowly growing pack of supporters, even though they’ve had small screentime recently. The destruction of the Kingdom of Pars has been entertaining in its own right as we see two cultures, both terribly flawed, clash in worldview and war. The only thing I can complain about is the use of 3D CGI. However, with such a solid beginning, I have high hopes that The Heroic Legend of Arslan will soon focus on Prince Arslan as he reclaims his kingdom with heart and strategy and his wise companions.

Which shows have surprised you this season? Are you watching Punch Line? You need to be! And who else is in joyous knots over the cuteness that is Ore Monogatari?!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Marina says:

    I’m watching all of these shows you’ve listed, and enjoying everyone one of them in their own ways. I just have a hard time talking about them individually, like Arslan, since I prefer to highlight something of particular interest instead of straight up impressions about what I’ve seen so far. Anyways, nice list!


    1. Jamie says:

      I’m so glad you’re watching these shows! That’s okay if you don’t like writing straight up impressions, I know that’s not everyone’s style. XD Thank you very much, your comment is so sweet! ❤


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Food Wars! is too much fun! Yes, Arslan is a little slow, but it’s growing on me nonetheless. Is Blockade really that good? Should I watch it? Finally, that picture for Sound! Euphonium is stunning. Such beautiful animation 🙂


    1. Jamie says:

      Food Wars is awesome! XD I’m so glad you’re liking Arslan even though it’s slow right now, I think it has a lot of potential! YES. You should definitely give Blockade’s first two episodes a shot–the show is DEFINITELY worth the watch! It’s so funny and engrossing and awesome! Sound! Euphonium has some of the best animation of the season! 😀 Thank you for your awesome comment– if you watch Blockade (Kekkai Sensen) I’d love to hear what you think of it!


      Liked by 1 person

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