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For the first time, I’m sharing a soundtrack to an anime I haven’t actually seen, at least not in full. I watched the first episode of Kill la Kill and it was ridiculous and kinda quirky and somehow intriguing…but I didn’t feel the urge to keep going. At least not at this point in time. Believe me, I will go back and finish it, it’s practically a modern classic. But I have enjoyed the ost on its own. So I’m gonna share a few of faves without much knowledge of the show itself.

Nonon Jakuzure Theme: So, this track is a load of fun to listen to because it’s full of unexpected sounds! It opens up sounding like a school marching band tune, but brass and an electric guitar quickly enter and completely throw off your expectations. The melody has a bit of a big band jazz feel to it, which is really neat, and the electric elements have a great firm drive to the song that makes me think of a playful but deadly assassin of some sort. It’s definitely a real blast to listen to!

Uzu Sanageyama Theme: I fell in love with this track the moment I heard it, as I’m always looking for anime soundtracks that have an oriental flavor. This song is high energy with some amazing percussion infused into it, along with stringed instruments. The percussion that begins at the minute mark is fantastic–you might know by now that I’m a big fan of percussion and strong rhythms and beats, such as what is exhibited here. So, I really love this track!

Ryuko Matoi Main Theme/Kill la Kill: Again, we have an awesome combo of electronic instruments played alongside more traditional instruments like…well, it sounds like a fiddle there at the beginning. XD Again, the high rhythm and percussion working with the orchestra is such an amazing sound to my ears. The first track you hear is my favorite. The second half, which begins at 1:40 mark is also quite good, too. However, the first half is definitely my favorite! I’ll be listening for this one when I do watch the anime.

Have you seen Kill la Kill? Is it as good as everyone says? What do you think of the art and character style? Did you adjust to it quickly or was it a little weird at first, like it feels for me? Which theme from Kill la Kill is your favorite?

You can listen to all music featured here on Tuesday Tunes on this playlist!


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  1. Kill la Kill’s OST is one of my personal favorites. There is such great variety and “Blumenkranz” is one of the best villain themes of all-time. I love it!

    Did you know it is by the same guy that did Attack on Titan’s OST.

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    1. Jamie says:

      Kill la Kill soundtrack does have some great variety! I really enjoyed how lively and driven the music was!

      Is it really?! That’s awesome, that composer is really good at what he does!



  2. Kill la Kill has one of the best OSTs ever in my opinion. Hiroyuki Sawano (AoT, Guilty Crown, & more) demonstrates his musical talent perfectly in this show! Jakazure’s theme with the percussion and all is so much fun to listen to, literally like you said, it is a blast! “Blumenkranz” is also a sincerely evil theme, befitting for all of its uses. One of my favorites, along with these two, happens to be Satsuki’s theme: the intense cello/bass intro followed by explosive, driving brass creates a true masterpiece. Thanks for posting these links!


    1. Jamie says:

      Ooh, he did Guilty Crown too? Another anime I must watch and another ost I must listen too! All his music has been amazing and so much fun to listen too!

      Thank you for mentioning your favorites, I’ll have to go listen to Stasuki’s theme again! I love the cello, it’s an amazing instrument!

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed my musical picks! ^_^

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