AI Podcast || Mid-Spring Impressions Part 1 And 2

AI Mid-Season P1

AI Mid-Season P2

Today I bring you Part 1 and 2 of the Anime Intrigue Podcast for the mid-spring season, in which James the Reviewer of Anime Intrigue and I discuss our spoiler-free impressions together! James is determined to watch everything airing, so I get the plug on how other spring shows are fairing as well! We had a blast recording together, so I hope you enjoy tuning in!

I don’t mind saying we recorded these like pros, we even kept the time down to about 20 minutes each! Whoohoo! Thanks for having me on the show, James! 😀

Listen to both below, or here for P1 or here for P2, or go here and here to right-click and save as for later mobile listening! 🙂

Part 1 Topics: Arslan Senki, Ultimate Otaku Teacher, Baby Steps, Fate/Stay Night, Danmachi, Eden of Garisaia, and Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation!

Part 2 Topics: Hibike! Euphonium, High School DXD, Wish Upon a Pleiades, Kekkai Sensen, and Kyoukai no Rinne.



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