Ongoing || Spring 2015 Mid-Season: Part 2

Spring 2015 Mid-Season Part 1

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Is It Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon | Episode 7

This show is pretty darn good. I love our main characters Bell and Hestia–they’re both adorable! Bell is super sweet, kind, and his character’s abilities have grown without making him unrelatable. Meanwhile, Hestia is the cutest little thing ever, she’s full of personality and I love her devotion to Bell; their connection of family is so endearing! Bell’s harem of girls are great because they’re diverse and all serve interesting roles in the Adventuring world–half the time I forget the story is even a harem, which I count as a plus! Overall, Dungeon is very enjoyable and among the unmissable shows of the season.

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 Plastic Memories | Episode 7

I couldn’t help noticing some people have a few issues with Plastic Memories, specifically pertaining to its “identity crisis”: Is it a romantic comedy, is it thematic and emotional, is it suppose to be dark and thrilling?–what is it? For me, I’ve yet to feel thrown off by Plastic Memories emotional and tonal shifts, I actually greatly enjoy the different types of episodes! Androids and humans coexisting together is so intriguing to watch and I like seeing all types of angles on idea and the relationships. I’m also still enchanted the animation’s colors and styles! I’m not sure where the show will end, so I’m a little nervous, but fingers crossed that it ends well!

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I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying S2 | Episode 7

This show is still better than the first season, with a new solid short each week to make me squee from cuteness! Not only has this second season been more funny and sharp, but certain characters have even been developed very nicely! The younger brother, previously annoying, had his backstory revealed and it was very touching. Of course, I’ve yet to tire of seeing our Otaku/Non-Otaku couple work on relating within their marriage–uhg, SO CUTE. I need these four minutes of martial truth and joy during my Thursdays. XD

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 Yamada-Kun and the 7 Witches | Episode 7

This show just makes my top 10 shows of the Spring Season. While it’s yet to strike a deep connection with me, this show is still very solid and definitely worth the watch! The elements of body swapping, telepathy, and other supernatural powers make the school club trope very enjoyable and the characters respond realistically to the powers they discover. As I said, though, none of the characters have really, really gripped me. I enjoy watching them each week and the comedy is great, but I’m not very invested in anyone in particular. Thankfully it’s yet to disappoint with its unique premise and comedy. I’m just not as involved as I would like….

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Re-Kan! | Episode 8

Re-Kan! got bumped up recently over Mikagura School Suite, mostly because Re-Kan! knows what it is and then does it… while Mikagura has become rather aimless. Re-Kan! is simple: the characters have fun as highschool girl chums and react to the different ghosts and spirits that their one friend Amami can see. Re-Kan! is purely average, but I’ve terribly enjoyed it–Episode 8 was exceptional, as I about got a cramp in my side from laughing–before it became a sweet tear-jerker! Re-Kan! would be higher on my list if there weren’t so many other amazing shows–though at this point Re-Kan! and Yamada-Kun are about even for me personally.

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Mikagura School Suite | Episode 7

This show has dropped from my top 6 to 12, not because it’s no longer any fun (it still is!) but because it has lost direction–terribly. The story is meandering with no basic goal, and the pretty animation has dropped terribly during action scenes. It’s a shame, because our lead character Eruna-chan is HYSTERICAL. I love that character so much, she’s adorable and quirky in a true way, and I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER. The show can also be quite hysterical when it wants to! Sadly the story itself is struggling, and I’m afraid Eruna-chan will be let down…but fingers crossed right?! (Also, it might just be me, but her white-haired pervy cousin cracks me up terribly when he’s onscreen. His moments are highlights of my week. ^_^)

What a roller coaster season this has been. Mikagura and Yamada dropped out of my top 6 while Food Wars and Punch Line climbed into it. I’ll be excited when the season ends to beginning reviewing these shows in full. 😀

And no, I did not drop Seraph of the End. It’s just fallen dramatically into “Final Post” regions….



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