Ongoing || Spring 2015 Mid-Season: Final Part

No new addition to “A Weekend Flick” series today! Instead you get the final part of my Mid-Spring Impressions! Today I include the final shows I’m watching, as well as the shows I’ve dropped or stalled!

Mid-Season Spring Impressions: Part One

Mid Season Spring Impressions: Part TwoScreenshot (7275)

Seraph of the End | Episode 9

Seraph is a decent show and I have fun with it each week. It’s shounen that delivers exactly what it promises and no more. I do not expect it to deliver five-star characters and development. Sadly, it has a lot of downsides. Our lead character is annoying and thick-skulled for most of his screen time. Many things “happen conveniently” throughout the story, which cheapens the plot. The animation has gotten especially spotty in these later episodes. Finally, all our main and secondary characters feel pretty untouchable, so they’re not in danger when they’re fighting or things are exploding around them–I count this as a negative. Sadly, Seraph has the potential to be more, if only it was allowed to be…But all that to say, these don’t inhibit me from tuning in each week.

Screenshot (7236)

Ultimate Otaku Teacher | Episode 9

I get a kick out of this show every week: I know it’s not popular, and I don’t expect everyone to go watch this just because I really enjoy it. However, I do think the element of “odd teacher helps impact students in his own unique way” is handled very well. I’m more involved in this one than the very popular Assassination Classroom because that relationship element is handled well. The old anime style has a charm that I enjoy and it very clean-looking, with tons of sharp color–and if you know me, I love color! Besides that, the formula of “meet a new character and Kagami Sensei helps them out” for each week really works. This show is simple and at the bottom of the pack, but it’s fun. That’s enough for me to come back every week!

Winter Leftovers

Screenshot (10006)

Assassination Classroom | Episodes 19

This show frustrates me so much: There’s so much potential and yet the series reeks with flaws. Koro Sensi is fun, but upon the latest episodes he seems IMPOSSIBLE to kill! This is so frustrating, especially when the students seem to uncover a new way to bring him down, only for him to be invincible yet again. HOW WILL I SURVIVE A SECOND SEASON OF THIS?! However, my favorite episodes are when Koro Sensei helps the students stand up for themselves when the rest of the school looks down on them for being in E Class. On an overall scale, however, the show would be more enjoyable if during each episode we got to meet a new student more intimately–that way I could get attached to everyone and really care about their assassination plans. Sue me for having conflictions–at 20, I might just be a bit old for this show….


Screenshot (2548)Rainy Cocoa: I decided to put Rainy Cocoa on hold untill the season was over. These shorts are TOO short–being about two minutes in length! I like the characters but I can’t learn anything about them for 2 minutes a week! So, to get the most out of this show and the story it’s attempting to tell, I’ve simply been letting the episodes pile up each week. I will marathon and review it later–probably all in one day too! XD

Screenshot (8037)Wish Upon a Pleiades: First I dropped the show. Then I caught up with it because my Sensei James really enjoyed episodes three and four. I enjoyed them too, but it also felt too episodic–fetch a spaceship part, bad guy pops in…I decided to put this show on pause. Since I do like magical girls and shoujo shows, I’ll definitely planning on giving this show a second chance–another time!

Screenshot (5162)Kyoukai no Rinne: I decided to put this show on hold too. Firstly because I wasn’t all that invested in it, even though it was a decent comedy and had some enjoyable characters. However, since my Spring platter was so full, and I’ve wanted to watch others shows in my spare time like S2 of Kuroko’s Basketball and Free! Since this show is a two cour that will run into the summer season, I might attempt catching up with it then!


Screenshot (5173)Gunslinger Stratos The Animation: This show had potential! Alternate versions of the characters, time travel, disappearing people–a guy with big pink awesome hair. In theory this show should have been my cup of tea, but the poor animation quality and writing (I laughed out loud at some of the crappy dialogue) forced me to drop the show. Unless I hear that the ending was insanely good, I will not cry that I dropped this one. The only thing I miss is the guy with pink hair!

This wraps up my mid-season impressions of this spring! Honestly, this has been a wonderful season! My only complaint is that the majority of the anime is released on Friday and Saturday, which I have to squeeze in those days to properly co-host a podcast with Sensei, so it’s been a fight! However, its hard to complain when there are so many diverse shows to enjoy each week!

Which Spring shows are you keeping up with? Have you dropped shows I’ve kept–or kept shows I’ve dropped? Why? What’s your favorite show of the season so far?!



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      Oooh! Thank you I shall come check it out!!

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