Free! Eternal Summer|| Tuesday Tunes


I’ve finally seen the first season of Free! –not only were the characters funny and dimensional, besides being attractive, but I absolutely loved the story and the racing elements. I now own a Free! poster and I can’t wait to watch the sequel series. So, for today’s Tuesday Tunes, in anticipation of seeing what happens next, we’re going to listen to the OST of Free! Eternal Summer.

Other Self: I chose to highlight Eternal Summer this week because its music is less crazy compared to my last few OST choices. I love this track because while it’s soothing and slow, it doesn’t lull me to sleep. For the first minute the piano, strings, and electronic sounds are pensive and rather restless–inner turmoil. It turns hopefully for a moment mid-way before becoming unsettled once again. This piece perfectly captures the drama that Free! handles and portrays so well, so thumbs up from me!

Be True to Myself: This track is more hopeful, with a strong presence of electronic instruments and a very modern vibe. The moments of dubstep and claps are awesome and mesh well the crying violins. The bits of viola that I can catch are also very pretty. Overall, this track is was wonderful example of classic instruments and electronic sounds working very well together to paint a picture of someone’s emotions.

Distress in the Past: This is very quiet in the beginning… I really love how soft and gentle it sounds as it very gradual builds. Once again, the piano is such a nice touch. The song has a near surreal sound to it, and considering this is for Free!, I specifically picture something happening underwater, away from the noise of air and space. This song is what Haru hears when he disappears beneath the surface. It’s very calming and peaceful.

Need more awesome anime music? Listen to past Tuesday Tunes highlights here on the YouTube playlist.

I can’t wait to start Eternal Summer and spend more time with the Iwatobi Swim Club. I’m hyped for the upcoming movie, too! Have you seen Free! and did you enjoy it? Did you think it was too fanservice heavy or are you on my team and think the story and character development was spot-on excellent? 😉



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  1. I’m a guy and I thought Free! was a phenomenal anime, and the second season is just as good, if not better! Iwatobi forever! Haha, a poster!


    1. Jamie says:

      YAY! Another guy who actually liked Free! What is there not to love about that show?! I can’t wait to see the second season!


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  2. Arria Cross says:

    Watched the first season just right after it was released, but I haven’t watched the second season yet. I really like the music from this anime, as well. And not to mention, I get to ogle those six-packs.(fans myself)


    1. Jamie says:

      The music is beautiful and very calming! I’ve heard the second season is really good–I’ll have to write a review for it when I get around to watching it.

      LOL YES. Those guys are hot and cute! XD XD XD


      Liked by 1 person

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