Yatterman Night || A Mini Review


So, Yatterman Night from the Winter 2015 season was a pretty good show, with an interesting sense of humor and intriguing commentary on what symbolism can mean to a nation. This was a treat to watch, even though it was a tad hard getting settled in for the ride. At least the lead character was an adorable “super”hero. XD

Yoru no Yatterman

Action | ComedyAdventure | Drama | Sci-Fi

Winter 2015 | 12 Episodes | PG-13

Long ago, a pair of heroes called the Yattermen faced off against the Doronbow Gang, led by the villainess Doronjo, beating and exiling them. Years later, the Yatter Kingdom is protected by the new Yatterman but the mysterious rulers have forced the Yatter people to work for them, and unrest runs rampant in the kingdom. The descendant of Doronjo, young Leopard, takes up the Doronbow mask to become the new Doronjo when her belief in a righteous Yatterman is shattered. Backed by her two friendly and helpful lackeys, she decides to free the Yatter Kingdom from the evil Yatterman herself.


Yatterman Night is a strange mix of genres. It was about a young girl who decides to become the face of justice, with big themes like socialism and what heroes and villains’ masks can symbolize. Then there were goofy elements that made the show feel like it was partly kids entertainment, with the funny mecha machines and some of the silly, but very awesome, dialogue exchanges. I think a few people had issues getting into Yatterman Night because the show didn’t seem to know what age group it was targeting.

However, this isn’t nearly as large of an issue as it seems. I found that the show did a great job blending comedy and goofy humor with its larger themes and more powerful character moments–and there were many “Aw! My heart is touched!” moments that really gave some edge to the story! If you can go with the flow and embrace the fun and laughs along with the seriousness, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised, much as I was. Since I watched this week to week, I found myself thinking about what was going to happen next between episodes, and worrying about Doronjo and her gang. ❤


I fell in love with our cast of characters, especially young Doronjo! I want to focus on her for a moment because she is a great reason to give Yatterman Night a chance. Doronojo, or Leopard, was a girl around eleven years old, and very innocent. However when cold reality strikes her by Yatterman’s hand, she decides something must be done to fix her world. The cool thing is that she doesn’t go super dark as a character type. She is still the same naïve little girl who becomes determined to give Yatterman a “forehead flicking” and practices her distinct Doronjo “ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” laugh. She’s plucky and sweet and somehow inspiring! I got a kick out of all the characters, but the young Doronjo and her unconquerable child’s spirit was wonderful to cheer on.

The only drawback to recommending this series is that the final episode felt a bit…well, not rushed, nor uncompleted…just poorly directed and not as satisfying as it could be.

If you enjoy a quirky story with endearing characters and an intriguing dystopia/sci-fi world, you should give Yatterman Night a try. The show’s not perfect–there were a few hit and miss episodes in there–but I say give this show’s first four episodes a chance–try to adjust to the comedy while the characters are set up. If you can roll with the flow, then you’re in for an enjoyable treat!


Final Rating:

Star Value: 3/5 | Re-Watchabiliity: Low | Definition: Yatter! Yatter! Yatterman!


*screecaps via Angry Anime Bitches


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