Favorite Characters of Spring

I thought this would be an awesome fun post to write up, since there are so many great characters this Spring! This list is in no particular order–because PICKING FAVORITES IS TOO HARD FOR A FANGIRL’S HEART. XD

Screenshot (10054)

Souma || Food Wars

How can I dislike this kid? Souma could easily be annoying, but his character is so fun. He’s incredibly talented and knowledgeable about food, which is a cool thing for a high school kid to be passionate about–he could be annoying if ALL his food turned out as masterpieces, but he still manages to mess up with the octopus tentacles. XD His confidence could also be grating, except that at the élite culinary school he’s attending, he’s looked down on as an underdog, with many skilled chefs to match food wits against him. In the end, I get a kick out Souma’s power-cooking, sense of humor, and drive to be the best at what he does best.

Screenshot (5703)

Daryun || Arslan Senki

I wanted to talk about Arslan (and those big moe eyes of his!) but honestly Daryun is awesome and needs the spotlight. Daryun was Arslan first supporter and protector when the Kingdom of Pars fell, so I can’t wait to see how far Arslan will go with Daryun’s help. My favorite part about Daryun is that his name is so feared/respected among his enemies. Men hear his name and quake, as his skills as warrior are very supreme. His personality clashes well with Arslan’s other support, the free spirited painter Narsus, which makes for some fun dialogue exchanges. I’m so excited to see Daryun support and protect the Prince of Pars during the summer months to come!

Screenshot (9597)

Takeo Gouda || Ore Monogatari

How can one not love Takeo? Takeo is the boy you want to date and the best friend you want by your side. I absolutely LOVE Taeko; he’s dense but learns from his mistakes; he’s a gentleman and pure-minded; he helps everyone around him because that’s the right thing to do; he’ll be there for the people in his life who matter; and he is happy seeing other people be happy. He might be a giant high schooler who isn’t traditionally handsome, but Takeo’s heart of gold makes him easy to cheer on and love. HE SO DESERVES THAT GIRL. ❤

*Takeo is probably my favorite character of the season.

Screenshot (10633)

Karma || Assassination Classroom

Karma is one of the best characters in Assassination Classroom now. Of all the students, I know and love his character best. He’s dark, he’s blunt, he isn’t held back by anything, he’s driven, and somehow he’s one of the funniest parts of the series. Karma and his dark, scary introduction in episode 3 gave me hope that Assassination Classroom might be great, but he hasn’t gotten to lead an episode since. He’s my favorite character from the show, though, and I look forward to his presence with each upcoming episode.

Screenshot (8080)

 Zapp || Blood Blockade Battlefront

BBB has some very fun characters but Zapp is hands down my favorite! He even had a whole episode focused on his reckless lifestyle. He’s also HYSTERICAL to say the least. While Zapp is handsome and funny, he can seem shallow, with absolutely no filter. However, that’s what I like about him. Zapp is a part of a superhuman group called Libra, and this group helps control the chaotic messes that happen in Hellsalem’s Lot. While I think of “good people” when I think of “superheroes”, Zapp can be a fun and flawed character while still helping to protect a crazy city from truly bad villains and events. Go Zapp!

*I think Zapp is my second favorite character of the season. XD

Screenshot (9739)

Eruna-chan || Mikagura School Suite

I LOVE THIS KID. Omg. Eruna-chan is a bright light on my Tuesday’s, even though the show she’s in has gotten ridiculously lost. Eruna-chan is such a fun character; she is spirited and completely free to be herself, which is awesome to watch. I love her small girl crushes on her female school mates. Honestly, Eruna-chan is the best part of Mikagura School Suite, and probably the only reason why I haven’t dropped the show yet. Her optimism and spirit are terribly endearing to me…maybe I have a small girl crush on her. XD

Screenshot (10011)

Bell-Kun || Danmachi

I really love Bell’s character type for leading a fantasy adventure like Danmachi. He’s adorable, he’s tender-hearted, he’s driven, and he seems completely unaware of the affection the women around him feel for him. What I like best about Bell is that while his powers as an adventurer grow, he’s yet to act like a big shot. He’s just a simple kid looking to support his goddess and pursue a blonde haired sword princess to be as good of an adventurer as her: truly adorable!

Screenshot (7240)

 Guren || Seraph of the End

In the hit and miss action shounen with an annoying lead character, Guren is character I can like and get behind. He plays by his own rules–in a non-annoying fashion–he has a decent sense of humor, he’s pushes the limits of those around him in an interesting way–he’s perfect for the military role that he has. I like seeing him push Yu’s buttons. And I really want to see him kick some action butt with his demon weapon. Basically, Guren is one of the brighter parts of Seraph of the End.

These are just some of my favorite Spring characters! Which characters are you loving on right now? Hestia is bestia? Korro Sensei and his yellow tentacles? Mika the tragic vampire? Suna the bestest best friend? Kumiko and her shiny silver euphonium? The twins Black and White of BBB? I could go on for days, so let’s stop here for my list. XD Tell me yours!



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Sunite says:

    I agree with most of these, I don’t watch two of these anime’s. I think from your choice, Souma/Daryun would be my favourite.


    1. Jamie says:

      Awesome! YAY another fan of Daryun, I don’t know many people who are watching Arslan Senki right now. And Souma is awesome. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Sunite says:

      I actually began reading the manga first and loved the series, however I didn’t have time to read it all so im glad the anime is here so I can watch it 😀 Currently loving it 😀


  2. BELL-KUN!!! Gosh, I find him super awesome, and Soma is also fun to watch! Kumiko and the others are each relatable in their own ways, too. So many to choose this season!


    1. Jamie says:

      I know! Bell-Kun is the best, he’s so likable!

      Hibike! Euphonium is so relatable! Yes, I love all the girls, I would have included one but I couldn’t decide! XD

      It’s been such a good season! 😀 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ladyelasa says:

    I haven’t watched any new anime in a while. XD This is pushing me to. I really need to find another one to watch. I’m thinking Inuyasha. Some of my old favorites are Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown, Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan, and Rin from Blue Exorcist. So cool to find someone else who blogs about anime! 😀



    1. Jamie says:

      Of the ongoing anime right now, I scream “ORE MONOGATARI” Best love story ever, there are about 10 episodes out right now. XD If you have Netflix, Princess Jellyfish, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Psycho-Pass, Fate/Zero and, Madoka Magica are all amazing! Princess Jellyfish is my favorite! K is also on there and it’s pretty good too!

      I haven’t seen Guilty Crown or Blue Exorcist but I have heard of them! Attack on Titan is awesome! XD

      I KNOW! I’m so happy you’re into anime too–I love your anime/writing posts so much! ❤


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