Magic Kaito 1412 || Tuesday Tunes

tumblr_nii9f0tqcB1svhpylo1_500I recently tracked this OST down, remembering Sensei raving over its music. I was NOT disappointed with the exciting, jazzy, electric and just flat awesome music I found! Yep, its time for another Tuesday Tunes and today I’m focusing on another anime that I’ve not actually seen: Magic Kaito 1412!

Track 05: Nakamori Keibu Slow & Up: Of the entire soundtrack, this is my favorite piece. There’s something so sly and teasing about it. The pizzicato reminds me of a delicately sneaky detective melody, which plays beneath a hot red saxophone drawl. Listening to the different tempos and rhythms work together–half the time I don’t know if I want to move with the pizzicato or the sax. Bottom line, this is my pet favorite as the emotional response I have to the music is surprisingly strong. And it’s just a dang good piece of musical art.

Track 14: Soshite Nichijou: Oh, this track is so playful and child-like to the ears! I love the piano bits as they work with flute. This melody is so simple but so effective in delivering imagery and atmosphere to the ears! I want to watch this show just to see when this music was used in the story!

Track 2: Uhh KID: This song is pretty awesome, very lively and full of energy. I actually listened to this on repeat while painting a room and it kept things interesting. XD I love the pounding beat. The vocals are also great elements to the music–funnily enough, I didn’t realize they were actually speaking English till my third or fourth listen: “Oh! Wow! They’re speaking not Japanese! Wow!” It was quite a surprise! LOL. Bottom line, this song is just plain fun to jam to as it speaks heist and sophistication and theatrics all at the same time!

Since there are so many stupid awesome tracks to this OST, I definitely want you guys go listen to the rest sometime. Otherwise I will be linking to too many of them. XD


Have you seen Magic Kaito 1412? Did you enjoy it? I really want to watch it sometime soon simply because the music has been such a blast to listen to: The show must be as awesome, right?! 😉 What’s your favorite track from the OST?

Need more awesome anime music? Listen to past Tuesday Tunes highlights here on the YouTube playlist.


Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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