A Happy Birthday to Yamato!

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Ore Monogatari is my favorite show of the spring season, for a million reasons, a huge one being that it is a phenomenal, emotionally genuine, adorable love story. Today is the birthday of one of the main characters, Yamato, Takeo’s first girlfriend. The last three episodes have even been about her birthday, so I decided there was no way I would not do a birthday post!

Takeo and Suna have gotten a lot of attention this season–very well deserved attention–but for Yamato’s birthday, I want to pause my anniversary celebration and love on her for awhile! Here are five reasons why I think Yamato is fantastic!

*spoilers of the first 10 episodes of Ore Monogatari below.


Yamato is not skin deep. This one is obvious to anyone watching the show, but it’s something I want to praise anyway. Unlike most girls we’ve seen in the Ore Monogatari universe who have turned Takeo down, Yamato can see Takeo for who he really is. Takeo is huge and scary looking for a first year in high school, but he’s one of the most gentlemanly and tender-hearted people who’s probably ever existed. Yamato can see Takeo’s huge oozing gooey center immediately and loves him for who he is as a person. On top of that all, she even finds Takeo very attractive–it’s like they say, not everyone wants the cookie-cutter idea of physical beauty.

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Yamato pursues what she wants. As we know, Takeo was absolutely blind to Yamato’s feelings because of his own past experiences–a girl he’d liked had never liked him back. But did Yamato wait for him to pursue her? No–there would be no story otherwise. Instead, Yamato did almost everything to communicate her feelings to Takeo just short of screaming “I like you” in his ear–and a less dense guy would have received the message as clear as a bell. XD Poor Takeo. Thankfully, Yamato pursued her crush and got herself an amazing boyfriend.

Screenshot (9298)

Yamato does not feel threatened by Suna. I get so annoyed by characters eho become jealous or threatened by a boyfriend’s best friend and the relationship they have. It’s so silly and self-focused. Thankfully, Yamato loves having Suna around her and Takeo and does not attempt to keep them apart. On her own birthday, she was shocked that Takeo didn’t immediately tell her that he needed to be with Suna more that day. Yamato is smart enough to recognize that a boyfriend’s guy friends are important. She’s yet to misunderstand them or think that Takeo cares more for Suna than her, which is refreshing to say the least.

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Yamato actually attempts to communicate. There is nothing more frustrating in a story than a couple who can never learn how to communicate their needs or thoughts. Ore Monogatari, though, has taken this relationship problem and worked the characters through it. Both Yamato and Takeo are learning how to cut through the crap and actually speak to each other. Yamato learned to communicate her need for physical connection with Takeo and now asks when she needs something–like hand-holding. For being in such a young relationship, Yamato is learning how to keep herself happy without relying on Takeo to read her mind.

Screenshot (10980)

Yamato is a real high school girl. Yamato is fluffy and cute and adorable, just as she should be for a shoujo show, but she also feels like a real person. She becomes conflicted, she gets flustered, and she loves openly and honestly. Even though she seems to be an insanely good baker for a high schooler (no complaints about that though,) she’s also clumsy and worries about over sweating and typical teenage girl struggles…but on top of it all, she’s very kind and dimensional and mature. For being the feel-good-show that it is, Ore Monogatari’s Yamato is a well-rounded girlfriend who feels real!


I loved the Yamato’s Birthday episodes. All she wanted was a day with Takeo. Takeo got a job at a muscle bar to buy her a gift with his own money. He took her bowling and out for cake and she made her wish out loud before getting embarrassed. She spent part of her birthday at the hospital to support Suna and his father, which she thought more important than having a birthday date. Then Takeo took her on a birthday hike where they got lost but got to sleep under the stars. She thought it was the best birthday ever.

Screenshot (11007)

I love Ore Monogatari for many reasons, but the characters are the biggest draw. They are dimensional and lovable and relatable and adorable, especially all together. I love Yamato for being so mature and cute and real.

Happy birthday, Yamato! I hope you and Takeo get to spend the rest of your birthdays together forever!



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