AI Podcast || Top Spring Openings and Endings

Screenshot (2583)_Fotor_Collage

Anime Intrigue’s latest two podcasts was actually requested by one of our listeners, which was very exciting! James and I joined our top ten picks for both the spring openings and endings songs to make these lists and then we shared what we like about them and what they add to the show. The top ten openings/endings you’ll hear below are ranked according to how they both landed on our lists, too; we couldn’t agree on the #10 for the openings, so you’ll hear both. XD

This was one of my most favorite podcasts to record because it was fun, fast, and easy to do! I hope you enjoy listening in below! What are your favorite openings and endings of the spring season?

Screenshot (551)_Fotor_Collage

Top 10 Spring Openings:

Top 10 Spring Endings: 



Anime is awesome! Talk to me about it! :)

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