Koufuko Graffiti || Tuesday Tunes


I still remember Koufuku Graffiti, or Gourmet Girl Graffiti, very fondly from this past winter season. While Food Wars provides amazing anime food and intense cooking for me each week, I really did enjoy the soothing slice-of-life-middle-girls-enjoying-food episodes that was Gourmet Girl Graffiti. It was cute, it was funny, it was feel-warm-to-your-toes, and I loved purple-haired Kirin and her appetite!

So today for Tuesday Tunes I’m going to take a deep breath and relisten to a couple of tracks for nostalgia’s sake!

Video Not Available

お料理ハミング (which translates to Hamming Plates): This is easily the most memorable piece of music from the show for me! It’s soft and happy and sparkles with magic. I love how different instruments from the orchestra work in and out to make such pleasant, dream-like sounds! I also adore the soft female voices–their happy sighs simply sing of a full tummies and satisfied taste buds!

Video Not Available

とろける (which translates to Melting): “Melting” is such an appropriate title for this piece–it’s warm, soothing, and dripping like hot butter. This piece has a lot of instruments you’d hear in jazz songs, which all make such a sophisticated sound! Again, I just adore the vocals. They’re quieter here, but no less poignant!

Need more awesome anime music? Listen to past Tuesday Tunes highlights here on theYouTube playlist.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cool, I am glad someone uploaded the OST of the series. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      I know, though I can’t find too many of the tracks. 😦


  2. ladyelasa says:

    These are cute! I haven’t seen this anime. Normally I’m more sci-fi/fantasy lol.



    1. Jamie says:

      It’s a fairly new anime, it just came out this year. 😀 LOL sci-fi and fantasy is awesome, though I’ll watch almost any genre of anime if it’s good XD

      Liked by 1 person

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