Eyecatches of Spring 2015

You might have noticed that here on the blog I like admire and love on all sorts of elements of an anime’s package–which means more than just the stories and characters sometimes. I discuss anime music a lot, for example, because its a special part of the story!

Considering that the Spring Season is pretty much over, today I want to share my favorite mid-title cards used in the middle of each episode (I believe their called eyecatches?)–these are screen caps I took myself over the spring season: I’ve been invested in this project for several months! There was some very beautiful screen caps here, so I’ve assembled slide shows to show them off (I shall be including shows that are still ongoing.)

Honorable Mentions:

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  1. I really appreciated Sound! Euphonium’s cards as the series went on because I got see the different characters (or faces of the band) grouped with their musical instrument!
  2. Mikagura School Suite’s cards became the bright spot for me as the series struggled forward–if Pleiades’ s art hadn’t been so stunning, this artwork would be third on my list because each are very beautiful!
  3. Food Wars’s cards are fun,  and often comedy related to whatever just happened in the show.

Third Place: Wish Upon A Pleiades

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While I actually didn’t keep up with this show (I gave it two chances but it fell off my plate of seasonal anime, being piled too high), the title cards are so stunning that they just didn’t belong in the honorable mentions. Seriously guys, look at these! Just look at those butterflies, or the Saturn in the cocktail glass, and all the bits of detail in the background! Very sharp, very shoujo, very gorgeous! Magical girls are magical!

Second Place: The Heroic Legend of Arslan

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Detailed, elegant, yet simple, I fell in love with these cards almost immediately! I wish I knew how to make gifs, because they move in beautiful patterns too!  I love the Eastern/Persian? theme, which really fits Arslan’s setting. I’m determined to screen cap each one of these for a desktop slide show at the end of summer when Arslan ends. While I love Arslan for its story and characters, I do have to admit that these are often a highlight of each episode for me!

First Place: Punch Line

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PUNCH LINE IS MORE THAN JUST ABOUT PANTIES OKAY BELIEVE ME but the show does exhibit them flawlessly with artistically risqué and beautiful cards, which are my absolute favorites of the season! The color palettes are gorgeous, if you can’t see: So many pinks and purples, but some blues and yellows are in there too! And the underwear is just…just so elegant and pretty! (And I swear, I shared the most conservative ones here XD.) I just really loves these, ok? I have underwear jealousy. XD Also I flipping need Rabura’s green hair, it’s flawless in the sweater screen cap.

So which set of eyecatches did you like best? If you were watching several of these shows this spring did you notice any of these in particular?


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  1. So much pretty art! I agree, the Punchline cards are gorgeous! My favorite, aside from the sweater, is the one with the flower. For some reason, it screams 60s art and I really like it.



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