Jamie’s Spring 2015 Star Ratings

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I’m by no means a critic. While I like to exercise critical thinking, I also love my entertainment to be just that: Entertainment–it’s good to have balance! With this in mind, I’m tackling the big job of rounding up of everything I watched from the Spring 2015 season and give them a rating.  This is the best option since I can’t review everything I watched. XD

So, below is me attempting to  share a little bit for each show I saw and why I rated as I do. I will mark which ones I will be attempting to review in the future, so you can look forward to them. 😀

Reference this page to see what my star ratings equal.

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What’s Ending

Blood Blockade Battlefront: As of this post, Kekkai Sensen has not actually ended yet, but regardless of its ending, I’m giving it a full 5 star rating. Other than Ore Monogatari, no other show this season entertained, delighted, surprised, and gripped me as much as BBB did each week (though Food Wars came incredibly close!) The characters are memorable and fun, the comedy stellar, the presentation stunning, and it managed to be both style and substance. 5/5 Stars. Review guaranteed.

Punch Line: This was the biggest surprise of the season! This anime decided to surprise us by being complex, fun, and even emotionally touching with wonderful character development. If you can get through the first few episodes of fanservice, the rest of the show is an insane, emotional, clever ride that’s so worth the watch! And yes, I’m also giving a perfect score because 4.5 just doesn’t feel like enough! 5/5 stars. Review guaranteed.

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Sound! Euphonium: DEAR GOD THIS WAS AMAZING. FIVE STARS. FIVE STARS. I can’t get over how strong and gorgeous and relatable and realistic this show was! I loved how real the characters were.  I loved how honest it was about true-to-life peer pressure issues. The drama was incredibly effective. The animation was mind-blowing and the best of the season hands down. Just…wow! A must-watch! 5/5 stars. Review.

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying S2: This was SO GOOD. I was really surprised that the second season of I Can’t Understand was so strong! The humor was cleaner and sharper, the characters explored better–everything was just incredibly enjoyable! Also: favorite married anime couple right here! 4.5/5 stars for enjoyable characters, great humor, and effective use of the four-minute time restraint.

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Danmachi: This was enjoyable each week–nothing mind-blowing, but enjoyable. I really liked the characters and found them the main draw during the second half: Hestia and Bell-Kun had a beautiful family devotion for each other that I loved watching! The last episode was great, but I feel like I only just saw the beginning of the story… I hope it gets a second season. 4/5 stars for fun characters interaction and intriguing RPG-like world.

Re-Kan!: I loved Re-Kan! and I consider it to be the overlooked gem of the season. While it’s not stellar (the animation wasn’t anything special) the character driven plot was very effective and I enjoyed all the ghost humor. There were several tear-jerker episodes that really got me too–overall it’s a slow but enjoyable show. 4/5 stars for excellent character driven plot and several very funny moments. Review.

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Yamada-Kun and the 7 Witches: I’ll say first that this is an above average high school club that was worth the watch! Now I have to admit that I enjoyed the first half more than the last, as the body switching humor was absolute gold during the beginning. While it is a plus to have a high school show become serious and actually give a solid ending, I have to admit that I enjoyed the comedy of the beginning a bit more. 4/5 stars; Yamada-kun is an exceptionally fun and dimensional character.

Plastic Memories: Overall, I did like this one.  While it struggled a bit and my interest started waning near the end, it did have an amazing ending which left me in shattered tears. While it became uneven during the middle ground, I actually enjoyed most of the slice-of-life humor, and I got very invested in Tsukasa and Isla’s robot/human partnership. Overall I enjoyed this one for what it turned out to be. 3.5/5 stars.

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Seraph of the End: Hummmph… it still has potential, since there is a new season coming… but it just didn’t feel like it reached its full potential for me. However, I wasn’t expecting the world from it for most of the season, so I was able to enjoy it for what it was. I really liked seeing vampires as villains again (so tired of the romanticized vampire trend in entertainment in general) and characters Guren, Mika, and Shinoa were enjoyable. 3/5 stars.

Assassination Classroom: This show frustrated me because it had SO MUCH POTENTIAL but didn’t use it. For being a comedy with such a ridiculous plot idea, it took itself waaay too seriously, which pretty much killed it for me. And for being about a classroom of middle-grade assassins, I felt very little connection to most of them. I wish this show had succeeded because when it was good, it was good…but sadly I was left more frustrated than anything.  3/5 stars (for several excellent episodes.) Review.

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Mikagura School Suite: It pains me to rate this show so low when I loved it so much during its beginning. I still love Eruna-chan to pieces for her optimistic, can’t-be-beat spirit and adorable quirks. Sadly, the show’s direction and animation budget could have been a lot better. While I got lots of laughs from it, I wouldn’t recommend it to many people as there’s plenty of better shows you could watch instead. 2.5/5 stars 

What’s Continuing into Summer

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Ore Monogatari!!: BEST SHOW. BEST SHOW EVER. OMG. OMG. I’m a feeler who loves character driven stories, so this show is my jam! This is one of the best romantic comedies I’ve ever seen, honestly! The characters are incredibly dimensional and refreshing, and the romance has been so rewarding! The drama is excellent, and the comedy between the characters so hysterical that I cry during those too! So much love for this! 5/5 Stars for first 13 episodes. (Will review when complete!)

Food Wars: This is my third favorite show of the season, right below Blood Blockade Battlefront! Incredible cooking animation, endearing and fun characters, great comedy, intense suspense, fanservice used with purpose–somehow this show has it all and it works. Not only is just plain entertaining, but the character exploration among students and chef teachers keep things engaging too! I’m so glad we get more of this during the summer! 4.5/5 stars for first 13 episodes. (Will review when complete!)

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Arslan Senki: I really like this show. I really do. I think it would benefit a bit from being marathoned, though, instead of watched from week to week. I love our hero Arslan and his band of protectors a lot and I can’t wait to see what happens to them. I have a feeling my overall score for this one will be higher when it’s over, so I’m excited! 4/5 Stars for first 12 episodes (Will review when completed)

Ultimate Otaku Teacher: I’m not sure why this is getting more episodes…it’s not the type of story that needs to do more than what it’s already done. While I’ve gotten my share of enjoyment from this show, I wish it had ended at 12 episodes. It is likely that I’ll end up dropping it in favor of stronger summer shows…. However, I have to admit that I have enjoyed it for what it is…though I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. XD 2.5/5 Stars for first 13 episodes because I weirdly enjoyed this more than I should have.

I Dropped These

Wish Upon Pleiadies || Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation || Kyoukai no Rinne || Etotama || Show by Rock! || Urawa no Usagi-chan.

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I know this post is incredibly long, but I couldn’t pick a place to split it in half, so this will just have to do. Besides I like it all in one place. XD I watched a lot of shows the past three months and most of them I found enjoyment in one form or another; I’m so happy that three of my top favorites are continuing!

So, what were your favorite shows of the season? Which anime have piqued your interest now, if you haven’t seen certain ones? What’s a show you liked more than me?



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  1. Sunite says:

    Everyone seems to have completely forgotten about Kurokos Basketball which also just ended.


    1. Jamie says:

      Aw! I’m afraid I can’t comment on that one since I didn’t watch it–I’m still at the beginning of season 2. I hope it the 3rd was good, though, that’s one of my favorite shows! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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