Summer Shorts of 2015

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I’ve decided to switch up my blog schedule to make things less stressful for me, what with having a full Summer watch list. I’m changing my blog series A Weekend Flick to a biweekly thing, with every other weekend off for other types of posts. Like today: I want to talk about the ongoing shorts–at least of the ones I’ve seen. 😀

I LOVE SHORTS. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Shorts are awesome; some stories wouldn’t work stretched into 25 minute episodes, so shorts give those stories a place to shine! They’re easy to squeeze into the day, and unless they’re downright terrible, they’re worth the short 3-7 minute running time.  I’m so happy there are so many shorts this season!

Screenshot (13543)

Miss Monochrome S2 | 8 minutes

Miss Monochrome S2 is easily the best of the season, though it has the advantage of having another season of development behind it. Miss Monochrome is an android (who sounds like one) who wishes to be an idol, but she’s having a hard time getting there. This show is endearing, very funny, and full of lovable characters–everyone who’s seen Miss Monochrome likes her and that includes me! S2 has introduced a brand new character already, and she’s an absolute hoot. Miss Monochrome set a goal for herself at the beginning of the season, so I have high hopes in that the show knows its direction.

Screenshot (13429)

Wakaba*Girl | 8 minutes

ADORABLE. ADORABLE. ADORABLE. Did you hear me the first time? ADORABLE. This is my second favorite short of the season! We meet Wakaba, a rich girl whose never been able to have friends but makes some upon entering highschool–she’s a little out of the loop, being a protected child, so her reactions to normal life are funny. Overall, the comedy is great (really, there’s some fun jokes in this short!) while having ADORABLE character designs and voice acting. The shorts are really sweet.

Screenshot (13553)

Makura no Danshi | 4 minutes

This one is really different but entertaining in its own way. It’s aimed for the female demographic and is literally a different guy each episode talking to you for several minutes before bed time. Like, breaking the fourth wall intentionally. It is very different, and I think a lot of girls are probably embarrassed to say they watched this, but I was so entertained by how different it was that I don’t mind saying I’ll be tuning it each week from now on. 😉 (Honestly, this show is smart; this is all girls want from guys. We just want to talk and be heard. :P)

Screenshot (13264)

Danchigai | 3 minutes 35 seconds

I really like this one, it’s what an average short is: to-the-point and enjoyable few minutes of fun! This short follows five siblings who live together; one brother and four sisters. We’ve met the characters through the past two episodes, so now we’ll get to see them interact now in the upcoming episodes. I like all the characters, especially the little sisters. I think I’m in for some decent, adorable sibling fun!

Screenshot (13541)

Wakako-Zake | 2 minutes

I like this one. The Japanese like to eat out together after work, but our 26-year-old lead eats out by herself–and that’s the story. While the art is less than average, with a running time of only 2 minutes it at least gets the job done. I like the main character and her thoughts on the different food that she likes, or her observations of people who are about to eat near by. I can see myself as her in about five years if I’m not married by then. XD

Screenshot (13554)

Million Doll | time seems to vary

This one is teetering on the edge right now. It’s not bad…but it’s also not…very good? It’s about a group of beginning idols and different people who are effected by their group…at least that’s what I think it’s about? The show seems to be still sorting itself out. I’m going to give it a few more episodes since it is a short. I like it, but I wouldn’t cry if I decided to drop it either. XD

So, how about you? Do you like shorts? Are you watching any shorts this season?



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