Yuri Kuma Arashi || Tuesday Tunes


I’ve not seen Yuri Kuma Arashi, though if I was to watch my first yuri show, it might be this one because I’ve heard intriguing, thoughtful things about it from different people.

The awesome thing about soundtracks, though, is that you can listen to them without having to watch a whole series. I’ve been enjoying the music for this one for several weeks now!

Tsuki no Musume to Mori no Musume: This is probably my favorite track from the entire OST! It has a curious fairy tale air to it that I just love! The tinkling mixed with the bits of bass are beautiful, and create a unique, airy, magical sound. The female voices are also very enchanting!

Danzetsu no Kabe: This one has a very alien/outer-space vibe to me, especially at the beginning. It’s such a different tone from the track above that I’m very curious as to what is actually happening in the anime. XD It’s a eerie track that gets stranger and stranger as it progresses: A very unique musical track! 

Need more awesome anime music? Listen to past Tuesday Tunes highlights here on theYouTube playlist.



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