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While I’m still behind on Gatchaman Crowds Insight, I did catch up with the previous season… and boy was it a wild ride! One of it’s best elements was it original soundtrack, a driving, energy filled thing of electronica and orchestra and noises that make you groove and dig the fighting scenes.

Right now this is one of my favorite anime soundtracks, so of course I’m featuring it in today’s addition to Tuesday Tunes! Buckle your seat belts! 😉

Track 07: Music Goes On. This is a great piece to introduce Gatchaman Crowd’s music style; after a quiet 30 second opening, the song fully begins with the somehow beautiful auto-tuned voice that reminds me of the powered suits of the Gatchamen. Then the strings and the electronic pulse draw you in for the ride. I really like this track because while it’s more mellow than other tracks, it’s no less energized or gripping.

Track 05: Tutu. This is my pet favorite of the OST because it’s so different and yet so brilliant. It’s played during the more relaxed scenes, as the quirky characters share dialogue and interact. At first it sounds like an odd mixture of sounds, almost like a funny remix you might find on YouTube; dings, claps, a child’s voice. Then finally a piano chimes in and as it progresses it’s suddenly less noise and more music.

Track 19: Crowds. This track has more of an orchestral feel to it, which sounds neat mixed with the electronic elements. The strings and the brass elements give a real superhero-movie vibe, where danger is lurking and the heroes must come in and battle them. This is a very straight forward piece that I like very much!

Track 01: Gotchaman. Here’s the classic track. This is the heroes’ theme! Any time you hear that “Gatchamaaan!” in the show, you know someone’s about the transform and kick butt! From the pealing yell to the pounding, pulsing electro elements, to the electric guitar, to the strings and bass in the background, to the awesome dub step, everything pulls together to get your toes tapping, head bobbing, and body pounding. Go Gatchaman!

I adore the full soundtrack, so this is one of those special days where I share the entire playlist for your future listening enjoyment! It’s all great, just like Gatchaman Crowds!

Need more awesome anime music? Listen to past Tuesday Tunes highlights here on the YouTube playlist.



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  1. This is a really interesting score. I like the techno instruments and the unusual voices. ^ ^


    1. Jamie says:

      It’s very different and it works so well in the anime! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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