Ongoing || Summer 2015 First Impressions: Part 2

Part 1 : Summer 2015 First Impressions

Today’s post will continue through my summer shows, numbers 7 through 12! Let’s get started!

Screenshot (13408)

GATE | 5 episodes

A mysterious gate opens in Japan, unleashing fantasy creatures and warriors from a different world; The Japanese military chooses to send troops and war machines through the Gate. We follow Officer Youji Itami, an otaku, and his team, as they discover the new fantasy land within the Gate and meet its unique inhabitants.

I didn’t know I needed a military/high fantasy genre mashup until now! I love it and need it! XD This show reminds me of when I used to play Army Man 2 on an extremely old PC as a kid and lead Sarge around in strange places, so this story is somehow familiar and comforting to me. It’s refreshing to have an anime with an adult lead instead of a teenage one for once, and Itami is a really likable character! I also like the different people he’s met, like the elf woman, and the wizard’s assistant. I look forward to this show each Friday and each episode improves to my liking! 🙂

Screenshot (12316)

Overlord | 5 episodes

As a popular online game is shut down, a powerful user, Mononga, chooses to stay for the final moments. The game shut’s down, but somehow he remains inside it and the non-player characters begin to show emotions around him. Mononga decides to takeover the new world now left at his fingertips…and realizes he’s not so human anymore.

While it’s not what I expected, Overlord is still quite good! The latest episode was especially enjoyable. As much as I love bishounen leads, I really adore that this lead’s avatar is actually a big skull-faced monster and not at all like a teenager. He also uniquely has two voices–his avatar’s voice and his original voice, which is an awesome touch! One of my favorite elements of the show is all the character designs and costume. Potential Best Girl Albedo is a specific highlight, having a fantastic character design. My fingers are crossed for Overlord to continue the route its recently taken!

Screenshot (12956)

Actually, I Am… | 5 episodes

The entire school knows Asahi Kuromine is “the leaky basket”, unable to keep a poker face or any secrets. During his attempt to confess his love to his mysterious classmate Shiragami, he of course discovers that she’s a vampire. However, he’s determined to keep that secret safe.

I’ve been really enjoying this show each week, for several reasons. Firstly: the art is so different and colorful. At first it looks kinda odd, but it looks so nice in motion! It gives the story a genuine “quirky” feel that I love. Secondly: I like most of the characters and the monster/weird element that’s introduced every once awhile. I like vampires more when they’re evil bad guys, but Shiragami is so adorable that I can’t help but like her! This is a typical high school/harem show, but it’s so enjoyable I can’t help but love it!

Screenshot (13957)

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace | 5 episodes

When a disturbing murder takes place at a middle school, a boy then meets a brilliant young detective and the two begin a collaboration of minds to track down the killer..and solving other crimes after that.

Game of Laplace slides into the bottom of my top ten of the season. Now, since I was incredibly young, mysteries has been my favorite genre. I still love them to pieces, especially when they can get grotesque or disturbing. Observing the depravity of the human race is a shocking and rather enjoyable pass time for me, between the souls of the criminals and those who try to catch them. Game of Laplace is a study of such ideas, with enjoyable, theatrical elements that give the show some flair. While the characters are nothing special (the trap annoys me,) I enjoy the genre enough to enjoy this anime!

Screenshot (13292)

Aoharu X Machinegun | 5 episodes

Hotaru Tachibana is a girl who looks like a boy, and is mistaken as one by her neighbor, a host who pulls her into the world of survival games after she trashes his host club. She discovers she loves survivor games and playing with his team…but she’s only been allowed in the group because…they think she’s a boy.

Anyone who’s seen Ouran High School Host Club is sarcastically screaming “OURAN SEASON 2 IS OUT?” because that’s what it felt like after the first episode–except not so silly. XD Thankfully, Machinegun distances itself from Ouran pretty quickly and establishes its self as its own fun show: Traps and air soft guns, comedy and mid-battle adrenaline is what create this show. Machinegun manages it’s serious and comedy tones well, keeping the show enjoyable. The characters are also enjoyable enough, though our heroine looks so much like a boy that I actually think of her as one. TRAPS.

Screenshot (13592)

Snow White with the Red Hair | Episode 5

When the prince of her country demands her as a concubine for her rare, beautiful red hair, herbalist Shirayuki flees the country in the middle of the night.  She meets the prince of the neighboring country while on her journey and they strike up a surprising friendship.

This show is in the middle of the pack for me. It has wonderful characters, gorgeous animation and detail, and a very nice fairy-tale setting, but it hasn’t “wowed” me. That’s not to say it’s bad though. Shirayuki is a nice female lead with a strong heart, managing to keep out of either stereotype of “I don’t need no man” and “I’m a damsel in distress.” Zen the prince is a very likable fellow and all supporting characters are enjoyable too. Thankfully, the latest episode was pretty darn good, which shot this show up into my top 12 shows!

Oops, here ends Part 2 of my Summer 2015 impressions! I’ve had so much fun this season, and I’ve only dropped a few shows. I can’t wait to give my final impressions in Part 3. What about you, what are your thoughts on these shows? 😀



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the look of actually i am and snow white. Will have to check them out. Love your blog always get great ideas for anime 🙂 btw i nominated your other blog for the beautiful blogger award 🙂


    1. Jamie says:

      Oooh, I hope you enjoy them! They’re both great! Aww, thank you!

      Ooooh, I’ll check it out!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LitaKino says:

    OOo I love Gate XD It was one of my number picks this season, only one I am not watching are overlord and machinegun one I haven’t got around to it because my internet is rubbish so I had to be picky with which ones I would watch >.<


    1. Jamie says:

      Gate is great! Aw, that sucks about your internet, that would drive me batty. 😉


    2. LitaKino says:

      Haha I live with it but are glad I can keep up with some anime this season that’s probably why I turned into a anime collector XD


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