Re-Kan! || A Review

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I consider this supernatural comedy the unappreciated show of the 2015 Spring season; it’s animation does look a little old and the slower pace probably made it seem forgettable compared to other spring shows like Blood Blockade Battlefront, Food Wars, Sound! Euphonium, and DanMachi. However, in a quieter season, Re-Kan! would have gotten more of the love it deserves.

After all, it’s not meant to be loud story. It’s meant to be thoughtful, a little goofy, and endearing. 🙂



Comedy | Supernatural | School Life | Seinen

Spring 2015 | 13 episodes | PG-13

Re-Kan! follows Amami Hibiki, a first year high schooler who can see and speak to the spirits left in our world and can even understand animals; she greets the never-seen murder victim as she walks to school, makes friends with other spirits, and takes time to help loved ones left behind receive closure. This is everyday life to her; her circle of friends are all cool with her gift, often using their phone screens to see the ghosts themselves–all, that is, but her best friend Inoue-san, a tsundere who is deathly afraid of anything ghostly. XD

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I really enjoyed Re-Kan! during it’s running time. I’d recently finished a similar supernatural show, Kotoura-san, but I found Re-Kan! to be more solid. While I liked Kotoura-san’s drama and mind-reading comedy, Re-Kan! was very refreshing in that we get to skip all the drama of the sixth-sense person gaining friends who accept her ability. We see that Amami already has a nice circle of girl chums (and one hysterical guy friend who is constantly outnumbered by them all) who are curious about the ghosts that interact with her. There’s almost no serious “You’re a freak!” drama.

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However, to keep things interesting, Amami’s newest friend Inoue-san is deathly afraid of the supernatural. She generally can’t see the spirits that Amami speaks to, but when she thinks there’s even a slightest chance that a ghost is nearby, she freaks out. The beautiful part of this, however, is that Inoue-san remains Amami’s friend. By the end of the series, a strong message of friendship despite differences is delivered, which I found very relevant and touching.


Most of the episodes follow Amami and her group as they help another new spirit, or someone who was left behind by the deceased. The show had several tear-jerker moments, though it never fished obnoxiously for tears, which was nice. When I did cry, it was because the story was genuinely moving!

While most of the show is episodic, almost everything and everyone we meet throughout the series is brought together at the end for a great finale! Even several spirits become regular characters, both being quite amusing! The show also makes use of certain tropes, but didn’t loose time to poke fun at them, like the fact that Inoue-san is a classic tsundere!


I also enjoyed the show’s humor. There were a couple of episodes where I about burst my gut from the laughter, no exaggeration. While the supernatural humor was pretty funny, the show’s cast of characters provided some good comedy interaction too. There was also a mildly perverted cat who would pop in with funny lines that never went so far that they were no longer funny. XD

The animation was not anything special but it got the job done. It had a slightly older style to it that I liked for a change of pace–I actually really liked the hairstyles and the fact that we could see both character’s eyes, even if their bangs covered one side. The other thing I liked about the animation was the pretty glow that would sometimes highlight a character’s hair and features, which always looked pretty.

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When it comes down to it, Re-Kan! is an above average school-life supernatural comedy. If you like any of these genres then you might enjoy Re-Kan!, especially if you’re looking for something relaxed, sweet, touching, and funny. Give it a few episodes to get going, and you should be fine. I’m glad that I gave it its chance last season!

Star Rating: 4/5 | Rewatchability: Medium | Definition: The Everlasting Bond of Friendship


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rocco B says:

    I enjoyed this series too : D. It certainly was different and refreshing. Too bad it was overlooked, shows like plastic memory got more attention than Re-kan. Which is a real shame. I liked girl-gal and roll-call samurai xDD. The red haired messiah and Yamada’ older bro xDD.


    1. Jamie says:

      I’m so glad someone else appreciated this show! You are awesome! ❤ LOL yes, I loved those characters too! Especially Roll-call Samurai, he was awesome! XD LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your blog. I always get fab ideas of what to watch in the future! 🙂 I tagged you btw on the bedtime book tag on my blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you, I’m so glad!! Ooh, thanks for the tag! ❤


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