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Today I’m covering the last of the summer shows I’m watching, numbers 13 through 17! Oh, and I cover the three shows I’ve dropped too. ūüôā

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Himouto! Umaru-chan | 6 episodes

At school and away from the house, Umaru-chan is gorgeous, the perfect student, friendly to all, and an all around dream. However, at home, she reverts into the form of a chibi, and becomes an otaku and behaves like a spoiled five-year old, driving her brother up the wall.

Himouto! Umaru-chan has grown on me as the season continues. At first,¬†Umaru-chan seemed to only be a¬†complete brat as behaved atrociously to her brother. While she’s still a bratty character, the show has done a great job in showing different sides of her “two personalities” and how people see her, making her more likable. I also really like the show’s visual comedy and gags, those are often the highlights for me. Overall, this is simply a fun, silly show that easy to watch each week! ūüôā


God Eater | 4 episodes

In the future, Japan is ruled by angry gods and an uncontrollable life form begins to consume all life,¬†immune to common weapons. Humanity puts their hope for survival in “God Arcs” weapons and those who can wield them to fight back.

I was not impressed by the first episode of God Eater–it was pretty bland and uninteresting, even with the unique¬†art style. However, the third episode was incredibly entertaining and engaging, and the fourth episode was also an improvement, so I’ve decided to keep it for the season!¬†At first the art style felt really odd, like a graphic novel that was moving, but it’s really grown on me lately and is one of my favorite art styles of the season.


Everyday Life with Monster Girls | 6 episodes

In Japan, monster girls are entering the human world for the first time, being placed in homes with hosts to help them adjust to society. Mia, a humanoid snake, starts off alone with her host, Darling, but more and more girls begin to move in with them, all hoping to be made his wife.

I didn’t plan to keep Monster Musume¬†after a few episodes. I stuck out the first three episodes to meet the slime girl, who’s appearance in the opening intrigued me; she turned out to be adorable! The biggest draw for me to keep the show is the monster girls themselves–if they were regular girls this show would be extremely uninteresting and grating to me, but I really like the fantasy element. Thankfully, the show also has a decent sense of humor, so I get enough enjoyment from this each week to keep it!


Sore ga Seiyuu! | 5 episodes

The life of a voice actress is hard and stressful and full of self-doubt and joy. We meet a beginning voice actress who acquire small parts in different anime shows. She and her two friends are cast in a podcast and struggle with their acting careers.

I didn’t think this show would be as enjoyable as it is! I’m really interested in the voice acting industry–it’s one of my dream jobs that I will probably never pursue but just like thinking about. XD The look at the voice acting world in Japan and the struggles the actors face in the industry definitely make this worth watching, especially since it hasn’t sugar coated very much. The show also features famous Japanese voice actors in each episode, with the actor voicing themselves, which is super fun! I also like the three girls; its neat seeing them face common voice acting problems or getting to meet famous actors. ūüôā

Screenshot (14144)

Castle Town Dandelion | 5 episodes

The royal family tries to live as normal a life as they can, even though all the children have superpowers and are running against each other to be the next elected King. The third-oldest daughter is incredibly shy and hates the many cameras around the town used to watch over the children as they go to school. She wishes to be elected King so she could then live in peace.

The last of the good batch! While there was one weaker episode, most have been good fun!¬†I love the big cast–the many siblings get turns being in the spotlight and have all been decently flushed out. I love the superpowers elements the children have and how they use them. I also love how the royal family lives normally. The only semi-annoying element is the main character’s choice to not use her power to avoid the cameras..because she easily could. “JUST WEAR PANTS UNDER YOUR SKIRT WHILE YOU’RE FLYING AND THEN TAKE THEM OFF AT SCHOOL! …. Love you!….”

And those are the shows I’ve kept up with for the past six weeks (on top of the shorts I’m watching too!) I’m really happy with this season, quite honestly, I’ve only had to drop about three shows…speaking of which…


ushio-and-tora-episode-01-screenshot-04Ushio to Torra.¬†This show isn’t bad at all! We just didn’t click. I’ve not seen enough 90’s anime to really dig the animation style and the shŇćnen vibe was pretty overpowering for me.¬†I¬†try to¬†like things targeted outside of my own demographic but Ushio to Torra just didn’t have a strong enough appeal for me, not enough for me to keep it for two seasons¬†(that third episode though…that was great!)

SmvD9EAClassroom Crisis.¬†This is my disappointment of the season, as I fully expected to love this show. Futuristic sci-fi drama?–yes please!¬†I dropped this during the second episode: I did not survive that massive info dump. I don’t mind some exposition or narrative set up, but that was too much. Too much. I’ve yet to feel bad for¬†dropping it¬†as¬†I’ve heard only one person say they really like it. XD

ss2015-07-08at06-11-34Chaos Dragon: Red Dragon Campaign:¬†I did watch the first episode. But nah. When I compared it to the other medicore-like shows going on, it barely grabbed my attention or interest. Which… is strange because it was about a child king¬†who is forced to kill one of his friends in the first episode. That should be exciting…but it wasn’t.

What do you think of this season? Which shows are you enjoying? How different are your favorites compared to mine? If you’re watching shows I’ve dropped, what do you think of them? I’d love to know! ūüôā


4 Comments Add yours

  1. JekoJeko says:

    I dropped Classroom Crisis after three episodes; the third feels like it should be the first, but it’s still hardly captivating enough. I think you have to have a very niche set of interests to connect with any of it.


    1. Jamie says:

      I remember you dropping that one; that’s a funny thing to hear about the third episode–it’s always weird when that happens. XD It’s too bad, I really wanted to like that one. ūüė¶ Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunite says:

    Absolutely love Ushio and Tora, I’m surprised you don’t like it, I think the comedy is fantastic.


    1. Jamie says:

      XD I think it really appeals to the male demographic more than the female, as my guy best friend REALLY loves it too. I thought it was ok but I didn’t get enough personal enjoyment from it to make it worth it. XD I’m glad you like it, though, I hope it has a good run!


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