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I’ve caught up on my summer impressions, but what about those spring shows that are still ongoing? Let’s not forget them! ❤
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Ore Monogatari | episode 20

THE FEELS. THE CUTENESS. THE REALITY. THE FANTASY. THE COMEDY. GAH. This is still one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen because it’s about making a relationship, even a dreamy one, work. It’s about communication, it’s about respecting what the other person needs, it’s about commitment; AND IT’S ABOUT BREAKING THE CUTENESS SCALE EVER SINGLE EPISODE, DEAR LORD, THIS SHOW IS SO ADORABLE. Takeo and Yamato are one of the best teenage couples I’ve ever seen, and Takeo’s best friend Suna is the best wing man ever, hands down. And I can’t remember another show that has made me literally cry as much as Ore Monogatari has. ❤

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Food Wars | episode 19

Food Wars is still fantastic! The characters continue to get surprisingly nice development and growth, which is rather refreshing for a shōnen action show. XD Soma continues to be one of my most favorite characters of the year, and each new character introduced is memorable! I love all the cooking science and respect for food that’s dished out each week, and the exciting, suspenseful cooking action continues to keep this show unmissable! This will easily be top ten of the year material. I’m REALLY hope it gets a second season because I will dreadfully miss this show when it’s over!

Screenshot (13975)

Arslan Senki | episode 19

Arslan has been a disappoint of late by churning out a mediocre middle with forgettable events. While the last several episodes were much more memorable, the show has failed to reach the potential that it could have, which is disappointing. Although I still really like Arslan and his main troop, the direction of the story has not used their full potential. However, I’m dropping it–I want to see how it all works out in the end!

Are you watching a show that’s carried over from last season? Anyone else dying from the cuteness overload of Ore Monogatari or the cooking action extravaganza that is Food Wars?



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  1. insightblue says:

    I too am dying of cute overload from Ore Monogatari! Every time I watch it, I just freak out at how adorable they are! And I love Suna. I want him to eventually get a girlfriend, but I can’t image what kind of girl he would actually fall for.

    And Food Wars is amazing! Soma is one of my favorite characters this year. I just admire his spirit so much. Arlsan started to bore me…so I paused it for awhile. Going to try to catch up eventually because I do like the characters. : /

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      OMG yes! I hope Suna finds someone by the end too! He’s such a great guy! ❤ ❤

      Soma is awesome, I also love his spirit! And he's so funny and nice to friends too!

      Yeah, Arslan got really forgettable, but it seems like it might be getting back on track…too soon to tell though. 😦


  2. krystallina says:

    I’m so behind, but I love Ore Monogatari/My Love Story and Arslan!

    I nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award. If interested, go here:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Catch up with Ore Monogatari asap! So many amazing things have happened, eeeek!!! 😀 ❤

      Thank you so much! I'll come check it out!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m crossing my fingers that Arslan turns out decent by the end of the season.
    And that Food Wars! tomato prince thing really tripped me up 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Me too!! 🙂

      LOL! Food Wars is a gosh darn blessing ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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