Favorite Cuties of Summer

Last season I did a post on my favorite characters of the Spring season which turned out to be super fun! I decided this season it’d be even more fun to narrow down the characters to my favorite little girls! I’m still trying to pick Best Girl of the season, but there are definitely some adorable moe girls here who I just want to pick and squeeze to death!tumblr_nr8fyenOrn1qa94xto1_500

Yuki-chan || School-Live!

While the cast of School-Live! is full of equally cute moe girls (which contrasts perfectly with the darkness of the show) Yuki-chan is stupid adorable and my favorite. Yuki-chan’s warped view of life also gives her friends hope in their dire living situation. While every once and awhile her eyes can take on this half-crazed feel, she’s generally just a ball of ignorant fluff. I love her pink hair and beanie and angel-winged backpack, too.

tumblr_ns9isqDuPx1raakcuo1_500Suu || Monster Musume

Suu is easily my favorite character from Monster Musume because goshdarnit look at her! I wish I was slime so I could be that adorable! Suu has the most adorable features, but her slime body can accidentally household items, so she wears a rain coat and boots around the house.  I love her little antenna too! Suu doesn’t have much of a personality, but she’s as cute as cute can be. 🙂


Ayumi || Charlotte

While this list is in no specific order, this child right here is probably the cutest of the entire season: OMG look at that face! Not only is Ayumi designed to be sickly sweet and cute, her personality is also incredibly endearing. She’s very loving and innocent with good intentions. She fangirls her heart out to her favorite idol with the hugest nose bleeds I’ve ever seen, and her love for her rather grumpy older brother is so precious. She’s also managed to be A HUGE part of Charlotte’s plot, which I won’t spoil, but it’s nice to have a fluffy character be so important to the story for once.


Nina || Gangsta.

Gangsta. is still my favorite show of the season, and despite its mature, dark setting, it still manages to have one of the cutest characters of the season without her feeling out-of-place. I love Nina–while’s she just a kid, she has proficient nursing skills and has an adorable kid sister/big brother type relationship with gruff ol’ Nicholas which KILLS ME EVERY TIME. Look at the blissful smile and blue eyes! Too adorable!tumblr_nr3084Baq11r3rdh2o1_540

Renge || Non Non Biyori Repeat

I know, I know, this show is a sequel, so technically Renge doesn’t belong on this list. But I say “SCREW TECHNICALITIES, ONE OF THE CUTEST MOE GIRLS EVER CAN’T BE LEFT OFF THIS LIST.” Renge is the most adorable first grader I’ve ever seen, from her mannerisms, to her rather monotone voice, to her exclamations of curiosity–I would love to have her as a sister! Plus, her twin-tails are so darn cute!


Flamie || Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Fremy is such a tragic character (and she can kick butt with her rifle!) but she’s has a wonderful character design. She’s an albino character with white skin and white hair, and such sad, sad blue eyes. She has a surprising dark back story and ethnicity that contrasts with her huge flowered hat. Fremy is one of my favorite character out of Rokka and I wonder what will happen to her by the end of the season.

Those are my favorite cute girls of the season! What girls from the Summer season do you find completely adorable? I have a few others, of course; like Yamato from Ore Monogatari is still super cute, and Megumi from Food Wars, Umura-chan from Himouto! Umura-chan is exasperating yet adorable, and Wakaba-chan from Wakaba*Girl–though that whole show is too cute for its own good!  XD



6 Comments Add yours

  1. I choose Suu from Monster Musume! Super adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      Isn’t Suu adorable?! I want to keep her in my pocket! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I love anything that cute that makes you want to put it in your pocket!

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  2. LitaKino says:

    Awwww cute post I have been brainstorming this week and wish to do a post on my favorite characters for this summer season myself which I might do now after reading this !! 🙂 Awww Ayumi such a cutie but oh god in the anime charlottle….. Nyaaaaa I don’t want to say …… I feel sad when I think about it oh god

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jamie says:

      You totally should, it’s really fun! I look forward to seeing who your favorite characters are!

      omg I know. Ayumi…! 😥

      Liked by 1 person

    2. LitaKino says:

      I will be doing the post sometime this week 🙂


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