Yatterman Night || Tuesday Tunes

tumblr_ni1k8b4Yiz1s2fvaso1_500I enjoyed Yatterman Night this past winter: It had a comedic whackiness while still communicating a strong message on the symbolism of heroes and freedom. The soundtrack really brings those elements to the table, with some country/western influenced tracks that work perfectly with the dystopian world our little heroine inhabits.

I actually felt pretty torn trying to decide which tracks to share today; I didn’t expect to enjoy the music as much I have. I’m starting to think I can spread certain soundtracks like this into several posts, so you just might see a Part 2 in the future! 😉

Track 108: お前の勇気が今試され: This track really stood out. I immediately noticed the electric guitars and the beautiful melody they made together. In fact, the majority of the instruments in this piece are guitars, which is a fresh change of pace from orchestral works or techno. This song has very western feel to it, painting a sandy desert inhabited by a masked rider cresting the nighttime horizon. A simple but awesome sound!

Track 209: 旗色、非常二悪シ: What an awesome piece of musical tension! The few techno sounds mixed with the humming, anxious strings reminded me of a spy/heist type scenario for some reason. An electric guitar makes its way into the sound near the end, too, which ties into soundscape the whole anime created with its soundtrack.

Track 101: ドロンボーがいる限り、ヤッターマンは栄えない!: Now this really reminds me of Yatterman Night’s core! Grand heroism, daring escapes, and a naïve little girl donning the villain’s mask to free her country from Yatterman’s clutches. Here the amazing sounds of a classic orchestra drive the heroic, uplifting score into the air to capture a hero’s true spirit and the challenges they face. Love, love, love it!

Need more awesome anime music? Listen to past Tuesday Tunes highlights here on the YouTube playlist.



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  1. Agh, such great music! The first and last ones had nice descriptions XD I passed on Yatterman Night last season, but this music makes me want to hop into it ASAP. I’ll have to add it to the long list 😛

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    1. Jamie says:

      Isn’t this music amazing?! I almost decided not to check it out too, can you believe what we would have missed!?!?!!? 😀 Yatterman Night isn’t necessarily a must-watch, but I quite enjoyed it for what it was. I still have found memories of little Doronjo. ❤ Definitely a fun little anime if you're looking for a change of pace! 😀

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  2. ladyelasa says:

    These are neat! I was hesitant about the western elements at first, but I really like them in these. They create a neat feel. ^ ^



    1. Jamie says:

      I know what you mean, sometimes western elements can be a hit or miss, but they definitely were great in this one! Glad you liked the tracks! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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