3 Day Quote Challenge P3

Final part of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I got a kinda funny one for today, from one of my all-time favorite shows, Ore Monogatari. A quote that changed a romantic destiny forever.


That’s it. That’s the quote. Do you know how special that quote is? Do you know what an awesome friend Suna is to his childhood friend Takeo by saying this to him? Suna says this in episode three, saving the shoujo from the route of “exhaustive romance where neither boy or girl seem to understand that they both like each other” to “she likes you back, dude, now be a happy couple for the next 21 episodes.”

A total game changer.

Thank you, Suna, for saving everyone, including us, your audience, from a lot of pain and exasperation by putting communication first. You made the cutest couple super happy, and you made me a very happy girl too. ❤

Sunaaaa. Best wing man evaah.

And hey, that’s the end of the challenge! That was easy when you know to schedule posts. XD Here’s parts One and Two if you missed them!



One Comment Add yours

  1. ladyelasa says:

    Haha that’s cute. XD I love it when stuff like that happens in show where the character just says the complete opposite of what you think they’re going to say and changes up the whole show especially so soon into it.


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